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Sorare Huge update New 1000 card rarity

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The original trailblazer in the nft fantasy football space, Sorare, has made the decision to add a NEW rank of rarity. As of Friday 13th (woo), there will be a new Yellow Limited Card with a rarity of 1000. This will allow new players to get cards and join the fun at an affordable price.

Players with the new limited cards will be allowed to enter the game in the brand new 5th division. It will be available for Global All-Star, Global U23, Champion Europe, Challenger Europe, Champion Asia, and Champion America.

In order to compete managers will need 5 Limited cards. You cannot use common or rare cards in this division.

Winners on the leaderboard will receive rewards of Limited cards and Ethereum. There will be no rewards of rare, super rare or unique.

The update was needed as more competition in the guise of socios.com and football coin enter the fray.

Below is a full review of Sorare Fantasy Football.

Sorare fantasy football, with many football/soccer leagues beginning the new season, we thought it time for a Sorare review.

Many a football enthusiast has had a go at managing a fantasy football team. Whether it be a small league run by one of your friends or one run by national media outlets.

It is fun. But one aspect of these leagues, as with most other centralized game, is you do not actually own the player cards.

Sorare is changing all that with its use of Ethereum based blockchain technology.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a global fantasy football game that enables you to buy officially sanctioned collectible digital football cards. They are official in that Sorare have partnered and signed contracts with many famous global clubs.

This gives Sorare the license to use their players cards in fantasy leagues and competitions, in which you can win weekly prizes. In addition, players of the game can buy and sell their cards on the transfer market.

So far, Sorare has signed up 98 world famous clubs, including Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Schalke, Wet Ham United and Benfica. They continue to sign deals with more clubs, almost on a weekly basis. They added Lazio as I was writing this article.

Furthermore, former German forward Andre Schurrle is a major investor in the enterprise.

Moreover, the giant French gaming company Ubisoft are backing Sorare in this venture.

The Sorare team set up the company, in Paris France in 2018. Originally, they used the Loom blockchain network but has now moved moved to the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is a blockchain platform on which Distributed Applications (dApps) are built and run.

sorare review fantasy football

Sorare card review

A Sorare card is a blockchain verified collectible digital football card. The card represents a football player from a particular season.

Because of blockchain technology and licenses with clubs, Sorare are in a position to create a scarcity of cards for players. They do this by making a limited amount of each player card.

Another advantage of Sorare using blockchain is security. Once on the blockchain your card cannot be changed or taken away from you. You have soul ownership of a limited addition digital football card.

For this season (2020/21) there are 3 levels of scarcity for each player card; unique (1 card), super rare (10 cards) and rare (100 cards). Once, you buy a card it is yours to keep or to sell on the transfer market. If the player moves to another club you can continue to use the card as long as the player joins a club on the Sorare platform.

Sorare review digital football cards

Why own Sorare cards

First, you can do the obvious ,and use them in Sorare fantasy football game. Here, you can enter different leagues, each of which handout weekly prizes.

These prizes differ from week to week and league to league. Sorare post the prize in the play section before each game.

Second, because of their scarcity and the sentimentality of football fans the cards have appeal. This creates value and a third party market to go along with it.

Thirdly, Sorare envisions a day when their digital collectible cards will be used and contain value across multiple gaming platforms.

sign up to Sorare

How to buy and sell players on Sorare

You can buy and sell players by auction on the transfer market. You pay using either your credit card or Ethereum. Again as I write this, they have made it easier to use a credit card.

First, to buy a player you go to the transfer market. The page will show every player that is available. Or you can buy direct from other managers by clicking the manager section. In addition there is a bar at the side, where you can filter your search.

Once you have chosen the player you wish to buy, you simply put your bid in to the auction. When another manager puts in a higher bid you get notified. This gives you the chance to increase your bid.

Whenever, the auction finishes you will either receive your new digital card or have a full refund of your bid.

In like manner, selling a player is simple too. The cards that you can sell are the unique, rare and super rare.

If you own the card there will be an option on the card to sell. You simply enter the amount you are selling for and press sell. This puts the card on the market for 48 hours. Should the card remain unsold after 48 hours it will be moved back to your gallery.

However, if somebody buys the card your Sorare account will be updated with the transfer price.

Sorare review buy at auction

How to play Sorare fantasy football

Sorare is a 5 a side fantasy football game. To play you choose 5 cards from the 10 players you have. You then accumulate points depending on how well the player on the card played in a real game.

Sorare uses their official partner Opta to check statistics relating to how each player did. Opta is a global leader in gathering sports statistics.

There are 2 games a week on Sorare. The first takes in all games from Tuesday through Thursday. The second takes place from Friday through Monday of each weeks. You an read a more detailed article on the Sorare rules here.

Sorare then adds up your points every week. As you collect more points you are permitted to enter higher divisions, where you can play for juicier prizes.

How to sign up to Sorare fantasy football

Here in the Sorare review we talk about a part many with little experience of blockchain think daunting; crypto wallets.

Well, a lot of this headache has been removed. This, was announced today.

Sorare have just added a new interface that allows managers to buy players using their credit cards in their chosen fiat currency.

Sorare review sign up

That being said, it is still important to read on.

So first of, the actual process of signing up is as simple as using your google account or another email. Sorare will then send you a verification email and you are in.’

Next, when using Ether, Sorare advise you to use Portis or Coinbase crypto wallets for smartphones. Either, can be downloaded at the google app store.

They also recommend you download Metamask crypto wallet as an extension to your browser. Metamask can be downloaded at google browser extensions.

It is then a simple matter of funding and connecting the wallet to Sorare and sending Ether.

Lastly, you can withdraw your funds or your digital cards and store them in your wallet.

However, if this all sounds a bit too much you can always use a credit card.

Conclusion to Sorare review

Sorare fantasy football look like they are on a winning formula here. Fantasy football manager games have a huge following globally and Sorare has brought something to the market that no others have. SCARCITY which equates to COLLECTIBLE.

Furthermore, just today they added a new interface that allows you to pay using a credit card. This opens up the floodgates to the millions that are wary of cryptocurrencies.

If I were you, I would sign up today and start buying players. I already have. As more players join the platform, the cards will become more scarce and more expensive. This gives early sign ups a great opportunity to profit from their digital cards.

There are so many other great things that we could have written about in our Sorare review.

However, if you aren’t hooked by now you never will.

Sign up below and get in on the fun.

Sorare sign up
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