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First Crypto Punk Nested NFT ever made

This post was originally published on Charged particles

At Charged Particles, we love to explore the endless possibilities of NFTs. Last week we happened to see a classic example of one of the most exciting use cases of Charged Particles.

Gmoney listed 8.61% of an Ape punk as a nested NFT on OpenSea. The fractionalization of the NFT was done using NIFTEX and was nested on Charged Particles.

Isn’t that amazing?

Fractionalizing a nested NFT!

If you want to give it a try, here are the steps to create a fractionalized NFT or an index fund using Charged Particles

1 — Mint a new NFT (or use one of your favorite ones you have already…)

2 — Go to app.charged.fi and navigate to “Manage”, select your NFT of choice and deposit inside of that NFT:

Here are some ideas for the things you can put in your NFT

> A few curated pieces of art from the community (Art NFTs that are expected to increase in value)

> Key ART NFT Protocol Governance Tokens (e.g. $RARI, $IONX, $OGN, $AUDIO, $SUPERBID, $MEME, etc.)

> Key METAVERSE Protocol Governance Tokens (e.g. $MANA $SAND $DG $CUBE $AXS)

> Key Art Fractionalized Tokens (e.g. $WHALE, $B20, any others from NIFTEX)

> Metaverse Digital Real Estate NFTs from CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, and wherever else.

> Throw in some PLAY — a Metaverse NFT Index from PieDAO

3 — Take this Charged Particles Basket NFT and go to NFTFY or NIFTEX. Fractionalize into ERC-20 tokens.

There are endless ways NFTs can be used and Charged Particles aims to build an innovative future for NFTs.

About Charged Particles

Charged Particles is a protocol that allows users to deposit ERC-20 tokens(ANY tokens) into an NFT. A scarce NFT (e.g. Financial Product, Art, Collectible, Virtual Real Estate, In-Game Item, etc.) can now be transformed into a basket holding a number of other tokens. The Principal amount can be time-locked inside the NFT, and through integration with Aave’s aTokens, the programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is just a few clicks away.

What’s in your NFT?

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