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Our First Game-Tales Of Heroes

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For our first product, we hope it has a certain depth of entertainment, but also meets most of the expectations of NFT games, and leads a good starting point for the future NFT ecology of StarPalace platform. Among a batch of self-developed NFT game products, we chose the first product, the “Tales of Heroes”, as follows.

Tales Of Heroes

Please check out below for background story:

During the war of ancients, heros paid the price by sacrificing their lifeforce to seal demons in towers, in exchange for peace and tranquility in the lands. With the passage of time, sealing power of the towers gradually decayed and dissipated. As a result, the demons are returning to man’s world, destroying everything…

The Patriarch of The Elders saw this coming and made use of the powers of the altar to summon countless warriors, in hope to find the prophesied hero to upkeep the peace.

The demons in the towers will continue to demonize the heroic spirits to gain more power as they attempt to break the seals. Using the powers of the heroic spirits, the demons hid the towers to buy themselves time to create a channel — “Epic Tower” , to attack the mankind.

Dear warriors, to upkeep the peace in the land, let’s go on a mission to find the hidden towers and seal the demons once again!

Stay tuned! Tales Of Heroes is coming!

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