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July 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

This post was originally published on Origin

It has been a busy month at Origin. We announced a major upgrade to our NFT platform with NFT Marketplaces by Origin and launched several drops by notable creators. Our token, OGN, was also listed on one of the biggest and most established crypto exchanges in the world. Our team has been doing a lot more in-person connecting and collaboration as things begin to normalize from the pandemic.

NFT Marketplaces by Origin will be an important addition to our NFT offerings. We will now enable creators to host their own custom and curated marketplaces for secondary trading of their NFTs. This means creators can control the entire experience and interact directly with their community instead of listing their NFTs on a generic marketplace. We also announced drops by Michael Yamashita, a collaboration between George Lopez, Ali Sabet, and BLK PRL, and a drop by EDM legends Pendulum.

On the token front, Kraken, one of the oldest and most respected crypto exchanges in the world, listed OGN in July. We also continued to improve OUSD and recently created a Curve factory pool for OUSD and 3CRV (USDT, USDC, DAI). You can add liquidity here by searching OUSD or view the pool on Etherscan here. OUSD has also been integrated into the popular DeFi aggregator Zerion. A huge new group of users will now learn about and be able to acquire OUSD easily from their portfolio manager. We are executing a strategy to get OUSD more integrated into the DeFi ecosystem and are pleased with the early results.

July saw little change in OGN staking numbers from June. We are re-configuring how we track locked tokens so look to an update to our OGN token dashboard soon.

Circulating supply is currently at 316M compared to a projected 368M tokens. The circulating supply number includes the millions of OGN staked in our staking program, reducing the actual float further.

We welcomed Chase to our team a while back but made the official announcement recently. One of the best parts of being at Origin is welcoming new faces to the Origin family. Origin co-founder Matthew Liu took questions from our Reddit community at /r/originprotocol and conducted an AMA on all things Origin on Twitter Spaces.

Many of our team members were able to get together in Los Angeles this month and visit with various NFT Collectors and people interested in the space. William Tong, our NFT people connector extraordinaire, also traveled to Paris to attend EthCC this month. NFTs were a huge part of the conference and we were able to make valuable relationships with important stakeholders while there. We want to give a special shout-out to John Legere, former CEO of T-Mobile and now passionate NFT collector. John has participated in multiple drops by Origin and is a pleasure to interact with.

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