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Introducing NFT Marketplaces by Origin

This post was originally published on Origin

We’re pleased to announce an upgrade to Origin’s creator-centric NFT platform. Starting today, creators using Origin’s NFT Launchpad will be able to host secondary marketplaces for their NFTs on the same websites that are running their primary sales. This gives their collectors dedicated places to buy and sell NFTs from the creators’ primary sales.

NFT Marketplaces will gradually roll out to existing sites powered by Origin. In addition, all future NFT sales sites will have marketplaces built-in, giving creators the ability to control the branding and experience around resales. This product launch fulfills a key milestone in our roadmap towards building an industry-leading end-to-end NFT platform.

With NFT Marketplaces, buyers and collectors of a creator’s NFTs will be able to put them up for sale again on the same web property where the initial sale is conducted. This is important for several reasons.

The first reason is that these secondary sales offer continued revenue share to the original creator of the NFT. In other words, every time an NFT changes hands on an NFT Marketplace, a portion of the sales proceeds will go to the original artist. This new structure for how value is exchanged rewards artists and creators over the long term and is one of the innovations that NFTs bring to the table over old models of ownership. This model incentivizes long-term relationships between creator, collector, and fan communities. Everyone involved now has the opportunity to have a stake in the success of these NFTs, forever.

The second reason is that these secondary sales can be conducted on the original site built just for the creator. Previously the initial buyers or collectors of NFTs launched on Origin would have to take their NFTs onto a generic marketplace containing thousands of unrelated NFTs serving a generalized, non-targeted audience. Origin’s NFT Marketplaces will offer a more targeted experience. The collectors of a specific creator will be able to browse a marketplace created just for that creator. Anyone who narrowly missed out on winning an auction for an NFT they wanted will be able to check the same site for a second chance to purchase it instead of browsing on a separate marketplace.

The third reason is that now creators will have full creative control over the secondary marketplace and trading experience. Art, music, and other creative assets are highly context-dependent. Displaying a Jackson Pollock piece next to the Mona Lisa makes little sense. Gallery design and art branding is a complex and sensitive field. It not only affects things like aesthetics but it can have a real impact on prices and sales. Listing a beautiful work of art next to a copycat piece of art that is sold at a much lower price point can have an extremely damaging effect on the original work.

Lastly, this important new addition to Origin’s NFT platform will boost the overall sales and trading volume of the NFTs Origin helps launch. This increased utility will attract more creators and collectors, driving up secondary trading volume. All of this means increased revenue that can be directed towards OGN buybacks and more eyeballs on Origin and OGN. The utility and value of OGN is at the forefront of every product we launch and every decision we make.

At Origin, we’ve been very fortunate to power several record-breaking primary sales and auctions of NFTs from creators who are household names like George Lopez, Jake Paul, KSHMR, and others, generating global headlines in the process. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to consistently innovate to stay at the forefront of a creative revolution that affects creators and fans everywhere.

We will be announcing many more important features and upgrades to the Origin NFT platform in the months to come. Creators, collectors, traders, and curious observers can join the NFT discussion on our Discord. We look forward to seeing you there.

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