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LAND Owners: Do you know you can contact your LAND neighbor!?

This post was originally published on The Sandbox

The Sandbox

Jul 23 · 2 min read

As a Landowner, you are now part of The Sandbox Metaverse, a massive digital world full of exciting experiences. We are building a community where Landowners can collaborate with each other to enhance their experiences and work together on projects that are larger than any LAND size!

The story doesn’t need to end in your land, by working together with your Neighbour, your experience can become the very beginning of an epic journey all across the Metaverse.

We have a private dedicated channel on Discord where you can reach your Neighbours. How do I join the private Landowners Channel?

  • First, you need to request the Landowner role, we need to make sure you are a Landowner. To request the Landowner roll enter the #-get-the-land-ower-role channel on our Discord.
  • Once in the channel, type “!join”.
  • The bot will send you a private message asking you to connect your wallet for verification.
  • Please connect the wallet that holds your LAND(S).
  • Note: if you are on mobile, copy the link from the bot by hold-press on the hyperlink and copy the URL. Then open the mobile wallet of your choice and paste it into your browser inside the wallet app
  • Voilá, you will now have access to the private Landowner channel.

Then it’s up to you, we look forward to seeing what great minds can build together!

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