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Welcoming Chase Colman to the Origin Family

One of the most critical functions of any growing company is project management. Founders set the strategic vision, engineers design and scale solutions, marketers tell the story, etc. But project managers are the glue that keeps everything organized and running smoothly. As is common in startups, most roles on the Origin team are fluid and evolve frequently as we navigate different product initiatives and explore various opportunities. Many of us have worn the project management hat from time to time but it hasn’t been anyone’s singular focus over the past few years. After our record-setting $11.7MM NFT auction earlier this year, we found ourselves inundated with interest from many creators who wanted to sell NFTs using our platform and it quickly became apparent that we were long overdue for having a dedicated project manager. We needed someone who has a passion for empowering artists to connect with their fans in new and innovative ways but also the organizational skills to bring our team together to execute our plan. We found someone with those characteristics and more, and we’re excited to officially welcome Chase Colman to the Origin family!

Chase in her happy place

If you’ve sold NFTs on Origin over the past couple of months, you’ve likely had the pleasure of working with Chase since she hit the ground running back in May. She has already orchestrated several successful NFT drops and delighted creators such as Mike Dean, Shepard Fairey, KSHMR, George Lopez, Sabet, and BLK PRL, to name a few. Behind the scenes, she’s been helping us prepare for several other upcoming, high-profile drops and developing educational materials that will guide more creators to successfully venture into the NFT community.

Chase’s “Origin story” is a bit different from most of ours. She was previously a project manager for several years at a creative agency where she was originally focused on marketing campaigns and worked on everything from video shoots to a music festival in Dubai. Over time, she found that she was a natural fit for project management and migrated to being dedicated to one client. She loves being hyper-organized and knowing everything that is happening within a company. As she puts it, project management chose her.

In a way, Origin and the crypto industry chose her too. Her mother and grandmother happen to be family friends of Franck, our VP of Engineering. When he mentioned in passing a few months ago that we were looking for a new team member, Chase’s mom volunteered her for the job without really knowing what it entailed. It turned out to be a perfect fit, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering that moms generally know best.

Thx Mom 💙

Chase is particularly excited about NFTs and the role that they play in transforming the music industry. Her fiancé has been a professional musician for eight years, so she’s seen firsthand how dysfunctional and unfair the industry can be. Today, many artists and songwriters end up owning the smallest portions of their intellectual property after all of the intermediaries get involved in the distribution of their music. She believes in a future where NFTs will make it possible for creators to maintain ownership of their works through the blockchain.

When Chase isn’t managing NFT drops and helping creators navigate this new frontier, you can usually find her outside in Los Angeles with her pittie, Mushy, who is known throughout their neighborhood as “the toy dog” because she carries a toy during every walk. Some of the neighbors have even given her toys and contributed to her status as the neighborhood mascot.

Chase, James, & Mushy

If you would be interested in working with Chase either as a creator or a member of the Origin team, the best way to get started would be to join our Discord server where we spend most of our time collaborating. You can also submit our creator interest form or check out our current job openings. We’re thrilled for Chase to transition from being part of our extended family to a vital member of the team. Please join us in welcoming her to the Origin community!

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