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Ethereum comes to Wombat!

This post was originally published on Wombat

The second year has been an exciting time for Wombat. We saw DeFi bloom on EOS and Telos and even simplified it with the help of Defibox and pTokens. And while many things changed, our core goal remains the same — to continuously polish the user experience for those discovering and handling crypto. Today, we’re taking another major step in this direction by expanding our signature UX approach onto Ethereum.

How does Ethereum work in Wombat?

Starting with the browser extension and the apps to follow soon, Wombat offers the same basic functionality on Ethereum as on EOS and Telos. Meaning, you will be able to create and import an Ethereum address, swap, send and receive ERC-20 tokens. We’ll start with a hundred various Ethereum-based assets that gained great traction within the network.

There are a few changes, however. Due to Ethereum’s nature, we decided to go a different route and provide everyone with access to their private keys by default instead of covering resources.

What kind of new content can I expect to see in this update?

Apart from the array of tokens we mentioned above, you will be able to access top-notch Ethereum dApps with Wombat. From NFT explorers to games and DeFi hubs — this list includes legendary projects like CryptoKitties, Sorare, Aave, OpenSea, Uniswap, MakerDAO and many more.

How will Wombat develop Ethereum support further?

We’re working hard to bring Ethereum to Android and iOS versions as well — and we will pursue giving you a direct Wombat login option in as many dApps as we can. For now, you can use the Metamask login — don’t worry, Wombat will still work.

We cannot say for certain now if this update will also lead to changes on Womplay, but we are open to this perspective.

Wrapping it up

This is an entirely new frontier for us, but we are confident that with this update, you’ll be able to expand your crypto horizons in the most user-friendly manner. As always, we eagerly await your feedback and we hope your Ethereum adventures on Wombat will be smooth sailing!

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