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Origin Partners With Pendulum to Release an NFT Collection Celebrating Their Latest EP

We have a very exciting new NFT collection to announce, together with one of the biggest drum & bass bands of all time, Pendulum. The Australian-born icons have sold over a million albums in the UK alone and have played some of the world’s biggest stages. Known for their unconventional sound, mixing electronic music with hard rock, the group is now shaking things up in the metaverse with their unique NFT series titled The Elemental Collection.

The exclusive limited edition collection is a celebration of the release of Pendulum’s new EP ‘Elemental’ and consists of 4 individual pieces of digital moving art, one for each track. Led by Pendulum’s founding members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, the collection strips animation down to its core, taking inspiration from the phenakistoscope, the first widespread animation device to create a fluent illusion of motion.

The lucky holders of an NFT from The Elemental Collection will receive exclusive extras including a physical lenticular version of the EP on vinyl and a 24 bit high resolution download. When played on a record player at 45 rpm and filmed on a camera at 25 fps, the vinyl record comes to life, mirroring the digital NFT. These lenticular vinyls will be exclusive to The Elemental Collection and will not available anywhere else.

The Elemental Collection will be on sale for a period of 48 hours only on https://nft.pendulum.com/. The sale starts at 8am PDT on July 27th, 2021 and will end at 10am PDT on July 29th, 2021. This drop is a limited edition and only 45 of each NFT will be minted.

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