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This post was originally published on Ethernitychain

July 17th @ 5pm ET

Welcome to Ethernity’s curated marketplace of NFTs and real-world experiences exclusively for Stones Farmers. Select Ethernity Chain drops, from Welcome to the Internet to Tony Hawk to the United States Space Force are represented with scarce NFTs exclusively for our Stones holders.

Detailed below are the different types of transactions Stones Farmers can participate in on the Ethernity Chain Stones Supply event. Moving forward, specific community-only / Stones-only aNFTs will be included in the collection for farming events.

Some of the remaining aNFTs are dedicated to Ethernity Packs, which will be coming soon.

Very Important: You can only redeem ONE aNFT per day per wallet.

You can BID on multiple AUCTIONS from the Fernando Tatis Jr. “Bat Flip” piece which brings with it the real-world collectible bat by Victus Sports — to tickets to the US Open Tennis tournament. That’s right, in addition to our aNFTs for loyal Stones supporters we are offering a new round of real world events and experiences. Scroll down to see our selection of events around the world for our holders on nearly every continent.

Redeeming aNFTs is first come first served (FCFS).

You will need gas (ETH) to transact the aNFT into your wallet.

This list of aNFTs with Stones pricing is being provided for you to CHOOSE WISELY before the Stones event and strategize the aNFTs you will redeem & bid on.



“The Downward Spiral — a legendary trick Tony did back in 2015, only this time they’re riding together in tandem with Ondrej’s 3D grassy dude from his “I’d rather be outside” collection.”


  • Downward Spiral: 3 NFTs for Stone Holders

Each Downward Spiral requires 100 MILLION Stones


Tatis Jr. plays the game with unbridled enthusiasm and an unmistakable style of play. So, we listened to the requests of our community and included Tatis’ signature in-game move, the bat flip


  • A El-Niño: 1 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each El Niño requires 150 MILLION Stones


comes with Real Life Collectible El Niño Bat by Victus Sports

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAkAFtdM1mU

3. Muhammad Ali:

Boxing legend and Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Century” Muhammad Ali released his first aNFT (“authenticated” NFT) crafted by the incredible artist Raf Grassetti exclusively on Ethernity. Here we present Stones holders the “Float” aNFT, a reference to Ali’s iconi quote and a replica of his boxing shoes.


  • “Float”: 3 NFTs for Stone Holders

Each WTTI requires 50 MILLION Stones


Own a piece of Ethernity’s first official drop — an ode to creators of all kinds, everwhere, across all mediums, and especially the internet, by Jason Heuser, the famed original creator of this iconic meme gone viral.


  • Welcome to the Internet Original: 5 NFTs for Stone Holders

Each WTTI requires 25 MILLION Stones


Buy each card and accumulare the Royal Flush by outbidding fellow Stones holders and win the Ace for a seat at the table with Phil Ivey aboard a luxury yacht in Miami for a real world in-person poker game. You must acquire all cards, plus the winning Ace, to win the seat at the table. Date TBA.


  • A) Ace Card: 1 of 1 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Opening BId: 1000 STONES


  • B) King Card: 5 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each King requires 150 MILLION Stones

  • C) Queen Card: 10 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Queen requires 100 MILLION Stones

  • D) Jack Card: 20 aNFTs for Stone Holders
    Each Jack requires 50 MILLION Stones
  • E) Ten Card: 30 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Ten requires 10 MILLION Stones


From the historic archives of The Associated Press, Ethernity and The AP present the original negative of the world’s most famous photograph, a rarely seen piece of United States history.


  • Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima Negative: 5 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima Negative requires 75 MILLION Stones


Step into the ring with Anderson SIlva and collect his Legendary, Epic, and Common edition cards.


  • A Legendary Card: 50 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Legendary Card requires 50 MILLION Stones

  • B Epic Card: 75 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Epic Card requires 25 MILLION Stones

  • C Common Card: 100 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Common Card requires 10 MILLION Stones


This is the officially licensed aNFT experience with the United States Space Force (USSF) and the Neil Armstrong estate, in partnership with CMG and WorldwideXR, commemorating the launch of a GPS III satellite.


  • A) Helmet: 10 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Helmet requires 35 MILLION Stones

  • B) GPS III SV05 Mission Coin: 25 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each GPS III SV05 Mission Patch requires 25 MILLION Stones

  • C) GPS III SV05 Mission Patch: 25 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each GPS III SV05 Mission Patch requires 25 MILLION Stones

  • D) GPS Satellite Constellation: 50 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each GPS Satellite Constellation requires 10 MILLION Stones

  • E) Armstrong Footprint GPS III SV05 Commemorative: 200 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Armstrong Footprint GPS III SV05 requires 5 MILLION Stones


Famous DJ Nicky Romero released his first, highly anticipated collection of NFTs with Ethernity Chain. From the sneak peek into the 3-tier collection, many will recognize the iconic mask, bringing a welcome hit of nostalgia to a brand new concept.


  • Behind the Mask Tier 3: 5 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Tier 3 requires 25 MILLION Stones


Your favorite Bitcoin duo in their ultimate form: “Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss, masters of the bitcoin, saviours of the crypto universe.”


  • Common Card: 50 aNFTs for Stone Holders

Each Common requires 5 MILLION Stones

REAL WORLD Experiences


We will be offering the opportunity to win tickets to real life events held all over the world as part of our aNFT / Stones holder experience. Here are some of the headlining events and experiences you will be able to bid on at auction with your Stones. All real world experiences auctions will start at a 5 million stones bid.

1 U.S. Open Tennis Tournament

  • Opening Auction Bid: 50 MILLION Stones

Join the tennis world’s top flight players in Flushing Meadows, New York for America’s premiere tennis tournament. Ethernity gives Stones holders exclusive access.

Location: New York, NY, United States. Date: September 5th 2021 (2 tickets)

2 Singapore Urban Polo:

Exhibition— Singapore — 2 tickets — October 16, 2021

  • Opening Auction Bid: 5 MILLION Stones

3 THE LAST TOUR: Elton John Concert:

The O2 Arena — London, United Kingdom — 2 tickets — November 16th, 2021

Opening Auction Bid: 5 MILLION Stones

4 Lollapalooza 3 Day Pass:

Buenos Aires, Argentina — 2 tickets — November 26th-28th, 2021

  • Opening Auction Bid: 5 MILLION Stones

5 Cubs vs. Reds Game:

Wrigley Field- Chicago, IL United States — 2 tickets — July 29th, 2021

  • Opening Auction Bid: 5 MILLION Stones

6 Dodgers vs. Angels Game:

Dodger Stadium- Los Angeles, CA United States — 2 Tickets — August 7th, 2021

  • Opening Auction Bid: 5 MILLION Stones

7 This That Festival:

Sandstone Point Hotel — New South Wales, Australia — 2 tickets — Oct. 20th, 2021

  • Opening Auction Bid: 5 MILLION Stones

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