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Artist Series Week #11

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This week we have a re-drop from a community collective, a pool with physical redeemables, and a pool that has a free NFT to mint if you’re quick enough to scoop it up!

  • The Gremlins Presents: TokBlok | Photochemical Leftover (7/14)
  • David Kaye | Within the Hoods (7/15)
  • Robert Bowen | Blasphemous Nature (7/16)

The Gremlins Presents: TokBlok

Photochemical Leftover | 7/14 @ 13:37 EST

>>View the Drop <<

About the Drop

Such a fun drop. The best drop. You have never seen such a drop. Grandma’s calling ya on the horn, telling you to pick it up, because it’s worth a lot of money, and that money doesn’t grow on trees. Listen to Grandma. She knows.

A Bad Fatass Floatin’ Glob

1 of 1 — Auction

Zombie Girl & Pineapple Boy

10 of 10 — Free Farmable

TokBlok was kind enough to offer this NFT as a free to mint!

Tropicana Thom

5 of 5 —Farmable

Come On, Let’s Get Nuts!

10 of 10 — Farmable

Photochemical Leftover

25 of 25 —Farmable

About TokBlok

Tyler Brown goes by the moniker “TokBLOK.” He is an NFT artist that resides in South Carolina, who specializes in sculpting aliens and ghosts. Growing up watching horror movies from the 80’s, he became fascinated by old school special effects like stop-motion animation.

David Kaye

Within the Hoods | 7/15 @ 13:37 EST

>>View the Drop <<

About the Drop

This drop is all about expression through life experiences in a weird colourful way. Art isn’t fun when you know or understand what is in front of you, so here are some hooded balloons going through life.

A Filthy Habit

1 of 1 — Auction

First Impressions

5 of 5 — Farmable

Fresh Trim

15 of 15 — Farmable

I am Phillip

50 of 50 — Farmable

Trip to IKEA

10 of 10 — Free Farmable

David Kaye is letting all the pineapple farmers mint this one free of charge.

About David Kaye

David Kaye was born in Bradford, United Kingdom in 1986 where he grew up surrounded by 90s themed comics. The influences with those comics and the cartoons that aired at such time are reflected in the artworks that David creates to this day. David enlisted into the British army in 2006 where he spent some of his time sketching in between patrols whilst deployed on operations. Once David left the British Army he later started experiencing symptoms of PTSD, he started using art as a way to relax and also a way to reflect on how he was feeling at the time and this is something that is still mirrored in his work today.

Robert Bowen

Blasphemous Nature | 7/16 @ 13:37 EST

3 Physicals Available!

Robert Bowen is a visual artist based in San Francisco, CA. He got his start in the graffiti and street art scene before shifting to focus on fine art. Bowen has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. and abroad for over twenty years. His work has been shown at galleries and museums, including the de Young Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, 111 Minna Gallery, and Modern Eden Gallery.

About ‘Blasphemous Nature’

I have so many questions about the future of the natural world and what role humans will play in it. How will we try to solve problems like rising ocean temperatures or colony collapse disorder? Will we intercede by creating mechanized replacements of the animals we lose? In my “Machines” series, I crossbreed animals with machinery, playing mad scientist in a laboratory that should never really exist. Are these just surreal visual experiments, or do they foretell a tragic, not-so-distant future?


1 of 1 — Auction

The winner of the auction will receive the physical 9×12 acrylic on canvas of “Lady” shipped to them.

Beetle Verde

5 of 5 — Farmable

If and when all editions are minted, one wallet will be randomly selected to receive the physical 16×20 Acrylic on canvas of “Beetle Verde” shipped to them. Wallet address of the winner will be announced via Twitter.

Heart Parts

15 of 15 — Farmable

If and when all editions are minted, one wallet will be randomly selected to receive the physical 16×16 Acrylic on a panel of “Heart Parts” shipped to them. Wallet address of the winner will be announced via Twitter.

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