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NFTmall Partners With Moralis For Scalable Cross-chain Web3 Infrastructure!

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NFTmall X Moralis

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Ivan on Tech’s Moralis team for its innovative Web3 solutions. As part of our vision to revolutionize the NFT market and encourage creativity among NFT creators and collectors, we believe leveraging on Moralis is one of our most important partnerships to date.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with NFTmall. Joining forces with them will enable developers to BUIDL like never before, and it makes sure both NFTmall’s and Moralis’ tech reach even more developers.”

Ivan on Tech,
Moralis Founder

With the incorporation of Moralis NFT API, NFTmall will now possess the ability to retrieve all the user’s NFTs’ historical metadata instantly. Once a new user enters the marketplace and connects their approved wallet to the platform, this will provide the NFT owner credentials, original creator, past transaction history, and much more.

The Deep Index API will allow NFTmall to access all historical data, including all historical transactions, smart contract events, and logs.

It will keep our NFTmall marketplace and all other products on the leading edge of readily available tech to bolster performance and efficiency.

“Moralis is the Swiss Army knife in Web3 backend development. It’s bringing mass developer adoption to Web3 and becoming the next AWS in dApp development. We are proud to partner with Moralis to deliver the best NFT experience to our NFTmall community.”

MD Rakib Ahamed,
NFTmall CEO & Founder.

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