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Ethermon #buildtoearn Game Jam Submissions Closed

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Jul 7 · 2 min read

Well done Ethermon community! We’ve accomplished our first initiative as a collective to create the first ever Ethermon house to be deployed in our Decentraland district.

2 weeks ago we began the #buildtoearn campaign asking 3D architects to design and build the starter house that will be core to the gameplay within the metaverse. We wanted to unleash the creative potential within the community as opposed to internally deciding how this core gameplay component should look.

Since then we’ve received 11 submissions and will now begin the process for narrowing down to the top 3. Ultimately the community will decide out of the top 3 which will be the top design and become featured within the district. We will make announcements soon to inform the community who the top 3 entrants will be and then introduce the voting procedures.

To see all the submissions together in one place, check out the MetaZone category recently created called “Ethermon Game Jam” below.

Huge thank you to all the community members who contributed designs. We will be sending 500 EMON to everyone for helping us complete this portion of the Ethermon journey. Also, unique Game Jam POAPs will be created and distributed to those who participated! Big shoutout the the builders below.

KirotoKai, Aeyon, Yeeepaa, Anubis007, Rizk, ShiningMonster, brentgreyling, daydream7

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