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Dynamic Rewards 2.0

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Jul 7 · 4 min read

Hello Managers,

We hope you’re all well. We’re delighted to bring to you a blog in two parts with important updates on our new Dynamic Rewards system. In part one, I (Dan) will talk you through our recent tweaks and improvements following your valuable community feedback over the last few weeks. Thomas, the mind behind the new model, will share our Reward Transparency model in a more technical blog tomorrow.

Starting Game Week 182, we are introducing dynamic ETH Rewards for podium finishes across all divisions.

Similar to our Dynamic Reward system, our ETH podium rewards will now change depending on the number of players (footballers) with cards that have a fixture for a given Game Week.

Our Dynamic Rewards will consider the total number of players with cards available for selection per league. So for example, if Champion America has a busy Game Week, and Champion Asia only has two fixtures, there will be a difference in the ETH podium rewards between the two regions.

Here is how the system works in a little more detail:

To understand this a little better, let’s look at how this impacts Global Unique. We chose Global Unique because it’s a particularly easy way to see how the rewards change depending on the % of player cards available for selection.

Here is what All Star D4 looks like for a first place finish with our new model.

This new rule means that the podium ETH rewards will increase on competitive Game Weeks, and decrease on quiet Game Weeks. We have also improved the max podium rewards across all divisions by roughly 30%.

Please note that we’re sharing the reward values in ETH because we have not yet tied ETH prizes to a fiat value.

This doesn’t affect the current ETH Thresholds in Global All Star Division 4. This system is for podium places only.

Tournament Opening Rules

With the arrival of Dynamic ETH rewards, we will revert back to our Tournament Opening Rules that we had set in place following the original Dynamic Rewards announcement. As always, our goal is to maximise utility so that you can select your players as often as possible.

Tournaments will always be open as long as there is at least one licensed club playing in a Game Week.

Global All-Star, Global U23 and Global Unique are open if there are two or more Regions open.

More Rewards in Division 3

Our original thinking behind the Division 3 rewards was to increase the quality of cards for Managers attempting to progress from D3 to D2. However, we accept the feedback that with our changes, too few Managers had the opportunity to experience the joy of winning a card in Division 3.

Following a review of your suggestions, we have decided to increase the reward supply for Division 3. We have moved 20% of the Rare Tier 2 rewards from all D4 tournaments to all D3 tournaments. This change won’t noticeably affect the rewards pools in D4, but it will visibly increase the rewards up for grabs in D3.

Even More Rewards Incoming

Following an additional review of our supply, we realised that we have an excess supply of players that are not currently regularly playing for their club. As we know, football is a sport full of comeback stories and players that go through dips and peaks in their careers. One transfer, one moment, one goal could ignite or reignite a career!

Rather than letting this supply go to waste, we have decided to add these cards to the reward supply. This is a new step for us and we will monitor everything carefully to see how this decision impacts the Tier system. But most importantly, this means more rewards across Divisions and more opportunity for our community to experience the joy of winning a card!

All the above changes are live starting Game Week 182.

Tomorrow, Thomas (the tech mind behind our rewards system) will share part 2 of our blog where we will introduce a new standard of reward transparency.

Until then, thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing your feedback on Twitter and our Discord.

If you would like to learn more about our Dynamic Reward system we recommend the following blogs:

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