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Blueprint of Game NFT’s Development Stages

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The overall project development process of Game NFT will be divided into three phases.

Phase 1: Foundation

In this phase, Game NFT will complete the basic technical architecture and introduce some mature self-developed games with NFT digital assets that have been transformed by blockchain technology for trial sales and operation.

The important mission of this phase is to promote the concept of our platform [games are a better direction for digital investment] so that users will initially recognize Game NFT: Game NFT is not a blockchain derivative of traditional game distribution platforms (such as Steam, Uplay, etc.), but a transformative pan-game platform based on new technologies, new concepts, new business models, and new forms of organizational collaboration. It is a transformative pan-entertainment digital asset distribution and trading platform based on new technologies, new concepts, new business models and new forms of organization and collaboration.

Phase 2: System Improvement

The task of this phase is to improve the integrated construction of products, models, operations and internal circulation economy. More and richer blockchain game products, more reliable and convenient transaction mechanism, and more loyal community supporters constitute an ecosystem that can bring huge traffic dividends.

In addition, Game NFT will also launch the platform’s own pass-through economic regulation unit: the managed token Stars, which will be used to give back to players, communities, and investors, generating richer choices and benefit returns for them driven by Stars and aggregation portals, allowing every developer and user to participate in governance, and making the platform healthy and green.

The important mark of the completion of the second stage: we can actively open up various service supports on and off the chain, connect all industry-related contents, and build a relatively mature Game NFT pan-entertainment economy.

Phase 3: Incubation and Revolution

After entering the third stage, Game NFT will improve the API interface to facilitate global developers to access the platform quickly, and other related teams in the industry will be able to accelerate their ecological construction and expansion with the modules and protocols already opened by Game NFT. With the support of cross-asset trading function, it will become a reality to open up asset trading between different games.

We will have the opportunity to redefine games, and the function of the traditional centralized game makers will be weakened, and developers and players will gain more voice and autonomy with the support of Game NFT. We will build a huge ecosystem with unlimited imagination and growth potential, and push the global blockchain game into a new era.

Finally, Game NFT will open PC, WEB and mobile terminals for users of different carriers in the future, with particular attention to optimizing the mobile experience, striving to put the platform into the pocket, allowing users to participate in asset management and circulation and entertainment anytime and anywhere.

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