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USEUM Collectibles Drops NFT With Pioneer of Digital Illustration, Steve Simpson

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We’re excited to present a special collaboration between cutting-edge virtual art museum, USEUM, and multi-award-winning artist and pioneer of digital illustration, Steve Simpson. Globally known for his irrepressible and dynamic visual style, Steve Simpson has worked on renowned projects ranging from 1-inch postage stamps to a 200 feet screen in Times Square.

Simpson makes his debut in the crypto art world with a work inspired by the Theory of Chaos that celebrates the dawn of the new Internet and the world of decentralization. More widely known as the butterfly effect, the theory demonstrates that a minuscule change of input in a complex system today can have a thousandfold impact elsewhere a short time later (for example, the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Argentina causing a tornado in Texas).

The limited-edition sale will go live on nft.useum.org at midnight BST on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 (Tuesday, 6/29 at 11:00 pm UTC / 4:00 pm PDT), and will run for 24 hours. Only 69 editions of “CHAOS” will be up for grabs and, after the conclusion of this one-day event, it will never be minted again.

Limited edition signed and numbered physical print of “CHAOS”

Chaos Theory, the mathematical formula of which is featured at the center of the artwork, challenged the status quo of physics (i.e., the Cartesian universe), resembling the radical way in which the invention of blockchain is challenging every industry and power structure. For that reason, Simpson dedicates “CHAOS” to web3 and the mesmerizing world of blockchain.

In addition to the NFT, collectors will receive a limited-edition signed and numbered physical print of “CHAOS”, as well as a uniquely designed and individually signed Certificate of Authenticity. Collectors will also get the opportunity to meet Steve Simpson at an exclusive online event where he will present “CHAOS” in his own words and host a live AMA. To find out more about the rewards, visit the official USEUM NFT page.

Origin is proud to support artists like Steve who have been developing their craft and using technology to shape their industries for years. USEUM has made great strides bridging traditional art to the digital world, and we’re excited to help facilitate their transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Sign up now to be a part of this inaugural drop.

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