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Jun 18 · 7 min read

Coming to you in multiple waves like the ocean washing against a beach, don’t miss The Sandbox Summer Special!

Summer is upon us, so come to our SAND-y metaverse to chill for a while. We are hosting a special event to celebrate the return of good weather and our fifth LAND sale wave! Longer days mean way more time to have fun so why not spend some of it with us?

Here are five more reasons to love The Sandbox this summer!


  • The Summer Jam LAND sale will run in five waves spread across five weeks. Each week, a new area of the map will be uncovered, featuring new partners, and new themes, new LANDS, and new activities.
  • 3,900 LANDS will be sold during these waves.
  • There will be 1,300 Premium LANDS released during the Summer Jam LAND sale, each featuring five exclusive NFTs and prime locations close to our partners.
  • 30+ ESTATES are going to be auctioned on OpenSea during five separate auctions.
  • 5 Exclusive NFTs included in the Premium LANDS will be revealed in the coming days.
  • In parallel to the sales, we will release new NFT Collections, run contests, giveaways, and much more to brighten your days.

Let us bring you some summertime fun with this special event in our metaverse and new sales all for your enjoyment! Stop by the metaverse on your way to the holidays; you won’t regret it.

Premium LANDS

You can’t relax on the sandy beaches of the metaverse without some summer gears! We have prepared everything for you to be ready when you enter your LANDS: our premium LANDS will all come with five exclusive NFTs.

NFT renders

Wave #1

Kicking off the event, our first wave will start on June 24th at 1PM UTC. For this first wave, 810 LANDS and 270 Premium LANDS will be for sale around two major NFT projects:


One of the largest collaborative NFT art projects is coming to The Sandbox. Offering unique digital portraits that can be named by the owner rather than the artist, Hashmasks is the first collectible project where the value and rarity of each NFT is not predetermined but rather evolving with the different participants of the art pieces, be it artist or consumer. In The Sandbox Hashmasks will own a LAND that can be constructed as an art gallery, an extension of their collaborative project within our metaverse where they could show some of their 16,384 unique digital portraits.


ZED RUN’s project is all about making digital horse races. Using blockchain technology, they built a provably fair digital horse racing game where you can create your own legacy with the racehorses that you own. With our partnership, they intend on creating a special, Sandbox metaverse approved, race track.

Wave #2

Come back to our map on July 1st at 1PM UTC for our second wave during which there will be 1,050 LANDS and 350 additional Premium LANDS and two more partners to scout.


Winner of many auctions during our Euphoria LAND sale, this NFT collector is extremely passionate about The Sandbox and is expanding his horizon this summer by acquiring an ESTATE to add to his flourishing collection.

Gutter Cats

The Gutter Cats are taking over a 3×3 ESTATE . The gang counts 3,000 cats, some of which will voxelize their way into our metaverse for some cool catventures.

Wave #3

For this small but mighty wave launching on July 8th at 1PM UTC, we have 300 LANDS for sale along with 100 Premium LANDS. This will give you a chance to chill in the metaverse and discover a Sandbox experience from two teams creating games through our Fund and a beloved cartoon character that never gives up.


The outgoing cartoon pig that never gives up is travelling from Hong Kong to our metaverse this summer. Discover its 3D version that will melt hearts.

Shrine of Truth

The collaboration between two teams of creators within our Creator Fund, Light Trail Adventures and Sand Rush, is bringing a new experience coming to a metaverse near you!

Wave 4#

We’ll be picking up steam again on July 15th at 1PM UTC, with our fourth wave that is all about laidback fun. You will have your pick among the 840 LANDS and 280 Premium LANDS for sale around our next three partners.


Zen attitude but make it digital! Zenft is a project that created 8,888 unique, procedurally-generated AR & VR bonsai. The team behind Zenft is now acquiring LANDS to add some Feng Shui to the metaverse! Expect to see a few Zen gardens grow within our map!


Ever wanted to own an avatar that you could update and customize at will without having to mint it over and over again? Look no further than Ethlings! These cute avatars that are voxel compatible are claiming a stake of LAND within our metaverse.


The Key that rules them all. Metakey is a project that has a simple premise: one key that has more than a 100 use cases across metaverses! What if the secret to one of them was within our metaverse?

Wave #5

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some music festivals! To conclude our Summer Jam LAND sale with a bang, the last wave will feature three partners who will bring out summer jam vibes to the metaverse. Join us for our final event that will launch July 22nd at 1PM UTC.


The Canadian DJ is coming to the metaverse and bringing cool summer vibes to her 3×3 ESTATE. Don’t miss her upcoming digital sets.


MODA members will redefine the future of audio ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralized governance, and DeFi.

Musicians and music lovers gather around; Emanate is coming to The Sandbox metaverse to expand on their DAO. Their plan is to redefine the future of audio ownership and help those who have always lived for music, make a living out of it through NFTs. And with their 3×3 ESTATE there will be plenty of room to link up and share music interests, create, and earn.

Mystery Musician

Get ready for the arrival of a jazzy band joining the metaverse for some virtual insanity! We are sure you will want to turn the volume up in their ESTATE.

South China Morning Post

Owned by the giant Alibaba Group, the South China Morning Post is a Hong Kong-based newspaper that is joining The Sandbox by acquiring a 24×24 ESTATE. This partnership is a strong statement to the global influence of The Sandbox around the world.

What Else?

The LAND sales will only represent one part of our summertime fun in the metaverse. In parallel to these we will also launch several NFT collections together with the help of our wonderful and talented creators.

You will be able to find some of these NFTs on premium LANDs, and others will be found only on our marketplace:

You can expect some summer theme collections, drops from artists of the Creator Fund, individual artist collections, and much more!

You thought this was it? Well, think again! We are also preparing special live streams and will announce new IPs joining The Sandbox adventure — so stay tuned, you won’t want to miss out on these!


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