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Spoiler Alert: Star Atlas Reveals Full Top Talent Lineup for ReBirth Meta-Poster Series

With the ReBirth: Genesis of a Metaverse series of fourteen Meta-Posters now past its halfway point, Star Atlas is unveiling new artist collaborations for the full set of upcoming next-gen NFT experiences, featuring deadmau5, Sueco, Ricky Desktop and The Fabricant.

Star Atlas: ReBirth /// Unveiling of Participating Artists /// Electronic Music Producer deadmau5

The ReBirth Meta-Poster NFTs have received tremendous acclaim as an entirely new and fully immersive artistic medium featuring augmented reality, ambient music and AAA graphics, offering an insight into the galactic metaverse and blurring the lines between the real and the virtual.

The upcoming immersive and mood-altering audio-powered experiences are poised to raise the bar for NFTs to the next level, wowing the world with a new release each upcoming Saturday at 3 PM PST until the final sale on July 17th and a grand finale on July 24th.

The ReBirth Lineup

On June 5th, the artist drops continued with Renze for the Meta-Poster #7 and Maejor in collaboration with Audio Up Media’s Audio Chateau for Meta-Poster #8 on June 12th. Interstellar ReBirth sound artist Blond:ish will make a grand comeback in Meta-Poster #9, coming out on June 19th, followed by the viral TikTok star Sueco the Child and Audio Chateau for Meta-Poster #10 on June 26th. Meta-Poster #11 drop on July 3rd will see the return of another interstellar soundscape with BASSJACKERS and Jason Silva.

Next up, Ricky Desktop, the most viral beatmaker on TikTok, will release his first metaverse NFT with the soundscape for Meta-Poster #12 on July 10th. The occasion will also feature a next-level collaboration with The Fabricant, the world’s top digital fashion house.

The final Meta-Poster #13 on July 17th will make history with the immersive soundscape by none other than deadmau5, the living legend of electronic music and an award-winning world-renowned sound innovator with a passion for gaming.

The Artists

Renze is an up-and-coming bright musical star with an undeniable raw talent. Hailing from a small town in the South of the Netherlands, he started his production career at a young age. He first began as a Producer by working behind the scenes for several top global EDM acts. He honed his craft out of the spotlight for many years before his launch into the stratosphere as a solo artist this year. Now 23, Renze has already accomplished much more than the average young musician. His unique sound combines electronic instruments and organic beats that resonate over deep bass with his own self-written, self-sung vocals, which blew away listeners in June 5th released Meta-Poster #7.

Star Atlas: ReBirth /// Unveiling of Participating Artists /// DJ and Producer Renze

Jared Gutstadt, better known as “Jingle Jared”, is the CEO and founder of Audio Up and its Audio Chateau. As a creative polymath, he is one of the most decorated musicians in TV and film. He is a two time Emmy nominee and three time Cannes Lions winner, he is also one of ASCAP’s most synched TV composers of all time. His first podcast Bear and a Banjo was a major disruptor within the Podcast realm and one of the most innovative ideas in advertising. As a music producer and songwriter, Jared has collaborated with multiple-Grammy Award winner Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne, Steven Tyler, T Bone Burnett and DJ Khaled. His collective collaborated with Maejor for Meta-Poster #8 drop on June 12th.

Maejor is an international singer, songwriter and producer known for award-winning work with top musicians like Justin Bieber. As a multiple Grammy Award-nominee, he devoted himself to studying the properties of specific frequencies of sound, their ability to induce calm and encourage open-heartedness. His music is redefining the emotional possibilities of pop music, subtly elevating the mind while turning out endlessly catchy sounds with an intense uplifting power. His ReBirth soundscape collab with Jared’s Audio Up Media-powered Audio Chateau dropped on June 12th with Meta-Poster #8.

Blond:ish, is a sound artist specializing in house and techno music. As a grand gesture to the Star Atlas metaverse, Blond:ish contributed to two soundscapes for the inaugural two ReBirth NFTs, released in April and early May. In the same grand style, she is returns with her musical light-bringing to set the scene for another pivotal moment of Star Atlas with Meta-Poster #9 on June 19th.

Star Atlas: ReBirth /// Unveiling of Participating Artists /// Sueco the Child

Sueco the Child is a one-person social media movement, instantly recognizable for his long blue hair, gleaming grill, and headbanging beats. His wildly inventive sonic approach fuses alternative pop, punk-rock and off-kilter hip-hop into a neon glow of genre-less ecstasy. With over 550 million streams and having claimed the top spot on TikTok and Spotify’s Viral 50 charts, Sueco has joined forces with global superstars like Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa. This viral TikTok music star and songwriter describes himself as an artist, a renaissance man, and a free thinker — the beginning of the next evolution in history, continuing it with the Meta-Poster #10 NFT drop on June 26th which he’s releasing in collaboration with Audio Chateau.

BASSJACKERS, the award-winning electronic music duo composed of DJ Marlon Flohr and producer Ralph van Hilst, launched its first two ReBirth NFTs into the metaverse in May 2021. The team will return with another electrifying track on July 3rd with Meta-Poster #11.

Jason Silva will be joining the duo for another ReBirth production. He is a storyteller, futurist, and keynote speaker, well known for hosting brilliant and thought-provoking National Geographic’s BrainGames and his YouTube series, Shots of Awe, with over 100 million views. Silva’s visionary ideas in Star Atlas have also earned him the title of the resident metaverse philosopher.

Star Atlas: ReBirth /// Unveiling of Participating Artists /// Ricky Desktop

Ricky Desktop is a talented multi-instrumentalist who gained fame by making viral beats destined for TikTok and being one of the biggest hitmakers of the past year. He is a musical artist of the alternative/indie and hip-hop/rap genre who has pioneered several musical innovations, including the “triple woah” that is now ubiquitous on TikTok, and the water drop, which is his staple sound along with the crunchy bass. His viral Star Atlas beat is dropping in collaboration the Fabricant with Meta-Poster #12 of the ReBirth collection on July 10th.

Star Atlas: ReBirth /// Unveiling of Participating Artists /// The Fabricant Digital Fashion House

The Fabricant is the world’s premier digital fashion house. Operating at the intersection of fashion and technology, it’s leading the entire fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing. Its ReBirth piece will create new avenues beyond the limits of the physical world. The Fabricant strongly believes fashion does not need to be physical to exist. Knowing the importance of digital identity as equally or more important than the physical one, they are exploring the metamorphosis and rebirth of personal identity in the future when humanity is no longer limited to physical restraints like gravity or even time and space.

deadmau5 is a legendary electronic music establishment embodied in a single person. The Canadian electronic music producer, whose name off the stage is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, has been a driving force in electronic music for the last two decades. His ability to make unique sounds and produce musical experiences has elevated him to a cult status in the music world around the globe. Zimmerman produces a variety of styles within the progressive house genre and sometimes other forms of electronic music. He creatively fuses elements of electro, techno, house and progressive trance with often experimental melodies and track structure.

I’m a passionate believer in limitless creativity with a unique expression and Star Atlas is absolutely on the frontier of what the human mind can dream into existence. Its metaverse is out of this world. If this is what the future looks like, it’s going to be wild.” — deadmau5

Star Atlas is certain the deadmau5’s ReBirth NFT is going to bring about the very next-gen of creative expression and set a future standard for truly immersive and mood-altering audio-powered NFT experiences in the marketplace.

“deadmau5 is a legend of electronic music culture who is still the driving force on the music scene and beyond to this day. This collaboration is an interstellar opportunity for Star Atlas to bring the next-gen mood-immersive technologies to an audience of millions of music fans and gaming enthusiasts across the world and show them what the future looks like. With deadmau5 being an enthusiastic video gamer himself, we are absolutely thrilled to see him resonate with our ‘power to the people’ foundations that opens up endless future opportunities for joining forces in the metaverse. His ability to create unique sounds and produce musical experiences with experimental melodies will elevate our meta-poster NFT series to a new level.” said Pablo Quiroga, Star Atlas co-founder and CRO

As a producer and a musical artist, he performs while wearing a large mouse-like mask, fusing on-the-fly live production and extravagant light shows. He has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and has notched three #1 singles on the Billboard Dance/ Electronic Songs chart. His prolific musical talent shows no sign of exhaustion, releasing new singles and albums on a regular basis. He is also an avid gamer who streams on Twitch and has appeared in games himself — his next appearance is will be the ReBirth Meta-Poster #13 on July 17th.

The full list of June-July ReBirth Meta-Poster drops:

  • Renze, June 5th — Meta-Poster #7

Keep up to date on all current and future meta-poster drops on play.staratlas.com.

The next meta-poster NFT will drop on Saturday, June 19th, with a sale duration of 24 hours. It will be followed by one drop per week, each one subjected to the cosmic laws of entropy that reduces the sale window every drop to 13, 8, and finally a one-time 3-hour availability for the last meta-poster with deadmau5. Prepare yourself for a breath-taking intensity of the journey deeper into the interstellar future.


Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic-quality visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol established a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. NFTs obtained and traded within Star Atlas creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership. To learn more, please visit staratlas.com

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