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Jun 15 · 3 min read

With over 50k players eager to put their Mon abilities to the test, the time has come to push the play to earn ecosystem further by introducing EMON into Ethermon’s 2D Battle Ladder system!

We’re making sure the Ethermon Universe lives up to the expectations we’ve set to being one of the few multi-platform play to earn opportunities in the blockchain gaming space. Giving Mon NFT owners the ability to choose which avenues they enjoy best to earn EMON from is of great importance to us. Whether it’s 2D, 3D, or both, every Trainer has the chance to acquire value from the gaming ecosystem we’re building.

To speak on this 2D upgrade specifically, below are some of the major changes we’ve made.

  • Change EMONT to EMON rewards
  • Integrated an auto distributor to reward top players with EMON more efficiently
  • Added a new ladder for Matic Mons
  • Increased the winner slots from 1 to 5
  • Relaunching all ladders synchronously to all start and end at the same time

New Battle Ladder

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of the new Battle Ladder bracket into the 2D PvP ecosystem. The newly released Ladder #4 will allow Tournament participation for Matic Mon owners, ALL free Mons and off-chain Mons.

To account for the increased growth of our community (over 50k players) we wanted to add more slots for winners in every bracket to ensure enough opportunity to win. 5 winners slots are now up for grabs to the top Trainers competing in all 4 ladders.

EMON Rewards

EMONT rewards have been swapped and weight adjusted for EMON in all existing ladders. Trainers will now be automatically allocated rewards upon claiming their positions on top of the ladder boards. To add to this, all rewards are being distributed on Matic Layer 2. Below are the updated reward pools and tournament periods for the various ladders for Trainers to compete in.

Ladder 1–3 (Class Ladder)

Ladder 1) 7 Days 1000 EMON

Ladder 2) 7 Days 1000 EMON

Ladder 3) 7 Days 1000 EMON

Ladder 4 (New Ladder)

  1. Matic Mons + Free Mons + Off-chain Mons: 7 Days 1000 EMON

The top 5 players in every ladder will share claim evenly to the EMON reward pool.

How to Play

If you’re new to Ethermon and want to learn how to play and compete, check out our PvP Battles and Tournaments Guide. Follow each step along the tutorial and prepare yourself to become a battle ready Trainer! Once completed, login at and click on the “Battle” building to enter your ladder of choice.

Still have questions after reading the PvP tutorial guide? Join the Community Discord where all the top Trainers hang out 😎 Good Luck and Happy Battling Trainers!

About Ethermon is a pioneer of Ethereum based blockchain gaming. It was initially launched in 2017, making it one of the longest standing NFT projects. With over 200 Mons in existence and a multi-verse game presence, Ethermon has become one of the more robust gaming ecosystems in the market. Mons can now be found within the 2D turn based web version AND the 3D open world of Decentraland where Ethermon trainers will be able to Play to Earn in multiple ways.

Join the community building the best Play to Earn Game Verse in the Metaverse and beyond! Follow our social channels and join the discord / telegram to begin your Ethermon Adventure today!

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