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Celebrating Lower Gas Fees & Faster Booster Openings on Binance Smart Chain

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Lennart Brandt

Jun 9 · 2 min read

Only one week after launching Booster Opening Ceremonies on Binance Smart Chain, a staggering 150,000 Polkamon have already been discovered! Today, we want to celebrate the Polkamon community’s love of BSC’s lower gas fees and faster booster openings by releasing the all-new Binance Smart Chain Unidragon!

Emerging from the mists of a whole different realm is the Binance Smart Chain Unidragon. With a contrast of darkhide, yellow horns, and the breath of fire, this Unidragon represents a new paradigm of decentralized finance. This Unidragon shares its name with the Binance Smart Chain, known for its full-fledged environment for developing high performing decentralized applications. Additionally, the environment also hosts extremely low fees and incredibly fast transactions that allow performance and function to take precedence over pure form.

Starting from 4.00 pm UTC today, we will make the Binance Smart Chain Unidragon available as a rare drop. The chance of discovering this stunning creature in the Twilight Mountain Range will be just 1 in 5000 or ~0,02%. As per the last special editions, all ten horn variations with their specific rarities will be available. There will also be a 1% chance of receiving a glitter version.

Switching to a bi-weekly schedule

As we are in the process of creating entirely new Polkamon behind the scenes, we want to make sure we are living up to the high standards and attention to detail you love and value so much. Therefore, we will be switching from a weekly to a bi-weekly schedule for releasing special edition Polkamon. The Binance Smart Chain Unidragon will consequently be in booster packs for 14 days, until 23rd June 2021, 4.00 pm.

Stay tuned for all new Polkamon updates and releases coming soon.

About Polkamon

Polkamon are exquisitely animated digital collectibles created using blockchain technology. Each Polkamon is backed by a truly unique NFT indistinguishable from any other NFT and can be unpacked with $PMON tokens, the native ERC-20 & BEP-20 token on the Polkamon platform. Each collectible is inimitable, authentic and differs in rarity. The Polkamon NFT collection can be easily integrated into modern games, art and other blockchain connected products.

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