The greatest reveals of AWA #4


As we’d like to get to know you more and be more open with you, we are continuing our series of AWA — ask Wombat anything! Getting together on June, 1st, we answered your amazing questions — both pre-sent and coming in hot from the live chat! Besides that, here’s what else happened:

  • Adrian looked for a Dungeon Master
  • We burnt some precious NFTs
  • Womplay teams, NFT utility and more blockchains for Wombat announced


Following the raging success of Hero Zero NFTs, we had to pick up the pace and are already designing — and implementing more for you to play around with your collectibles.

To show you what other things you could do with NFTs, we picked up a couple of those from the Atomic Marketplace and burnt them, explaining how it increases the overall collection value in a long shot. And thanks to the NFT Challenge we have on now, the price are already taking an upswing!

As the first NFT challenge already took off, Adrian revealed more to come that all take different twists to competition. Besides those, Adrian revealed that Womplay will also feature its own NFTs that will work as boosts for you or for the upcoming teams. There will also be promo NFTs from our partners given out in Challenges and lootboxes.

Looking a bit further into Womplay’s future, we pondered over more integration. As it stands, we hope to introduce rewards in other tokens, like TLOS, or even ETH if the demand is high. Touching on whether or not Womplay should stay web-based, Adrian mentioned it is entirely possible to at least give it a try on Android.

Experiments and novelties aside, Womplay will always have top-notch games at its core. And if you want a game to be listed in Womplay, let us know and please, contact the game’s publisher first. With publishers seeing enough demand, it’s much easier for us to onboard new games 😉


As we moved on to the roadmap, we saw a lot of things in store for Wombat as well. Besides the native NFT view and the ongoing support for Ethereum, we confirmed our plans to integrate WAX right after that and invited WAX NFT projects and games for preliminary partnership talks.

As we’re going from dipping our toes to a full dive into the NFT space, Adrian also revealed our NFT creator solution for mainstream game developers and other companies to discover this whole new world the non-fungibles open. And we’re already collecting submissions! In a long shot, we hope this brings more NFT-powered games to Womplay as well.

It was great checking in with you all — stay safe out there and see you during our next AMA! 👋

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