Introducing the Limited-Edition Monero Unicursed



Jun 2 · 2 min read

This week is all about privacy as we introduce the Monero Unicursed to Booster Packs starting from today at 4PM UTC. The Monero Unicursed will be replacing the Ethereum Unikles, which will be removed from circulation starting next week.

Considered by most to be a whisper in the wind, the Monero Unicursed is the pathfinder of privacy. The void of its presence resembles the evangelism of secrecy and security.

The special-edition Unicursed will have a rarity of just 0.01%. This will make the Monero Unicursed one of the rarest Polkamon of all time, equal with the Polkamon it’s replacing, the Ethereum Unikles.

Final Chance to Find an Ethereum Unikles

If you haven’t been lucky enough to find one yet, make sure you have your PMON ready as this week will be your last chance to get one by way of a lucky drop. Starting June 9th at 4PM UTC Ethereum Unikles will be removed from Booster Packs, making them only available via secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Ethereum Unikles is the heartbeat of the decentralized empire, standing upright and exemplary in every regard. Glittery and gallant, Ethereum Unikles has a thriving community of crusaders backing its cause.

We’ve Paused the Music In Polkamon Booster Packs

Last week we introduced audio effects to the Manifold Universe of Polkamon with our special-edition, and rather mysterious, dancefloors. From this week onward they will no longer be obtainable in Booster Packs. This is only the beginning of what we have in store for these highly unique and iconic backgrounds. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks!

As always, stay tuned for next week’s special edition which we bring you at the same time every Wednesday.

About Polkamon

Polkamon are exquisitely animated digital collectibles created using blockchain technology. Each Polkamon is backed by a truly unique NFT indistinguishable from any other NFT and can be unpacked with $PMON tokens, the native ERC-20 & BEP-20 token on the Polkamon platform. Each collectible is inimitable, authentic and differs in rarity. The Polkamon NFT collection can be easily integrated into modern games, art and other blockchain connected products.

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