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My Neighbor Alice Land Sale is Live! Stake ALICE and CHR to Enter!

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My Neighbor Alice Land Sale is Live! Stake ALICE and CHR to Enter!

We are happy to report that the MNA Land Sale portal is now live. Staking snapshots used to determine winners begin on Friday, May 28th. Here is a quick refresher on the Land Sale, as well as links to the portal and further information:

What is the Land Sale?

My Neighbor Alice’s mechanics allow users to own pieces of the game world by owning ‘land plots.’ These land plots are represented by BSC-based NFT tokens. The Land Sale is the first event that allows users to purchase plots of land.

How Do I Participate?

By acquiring 20 ALICE tokens and staking them in the land sale portal, users register their addresses for the land sale. If they are selected in the lottery, these 20 ALICE will be the payment for the plot of land.

While these 20 ALICE tokens alone give users a chance to be selected in the lottery, staking additional ALICE, ALICE LP Tokens, and CHR tokens improve an address’s chances of being selected. See https://bit.ly/MNALandSaleGuide for full details on the lottery mechanics.

Where Do I Access the Portal and Related Sites?

Access lottery: https://market.myneighboralice.com/lottery

Dashboard: https://market.myneighboralice.com

Chromia Staking: https://chromia.com/staking/

Good Luck in the Land Sale, Chromians!

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