Polygon Marketplace Launch Support


We’re giving you a helping hand with the recent open of the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace.

PlayDapp gamers, we’ve had a busy time with our PlayDapp Town presale, and we hope you managed to take part. Did you snag all the NFT you wanted?

As part of our ever-continuing work to make the PlayDapp ecosystem even better, we launched the PlayDapp Town presale with the vast majority of NFT on the Polygon Network. This gave great speed and awesome cost-effectiveness for using the network.

Of course, this also meant that we needed a dedicated Marketplace for these super sweet NFT. So just as the presale was on day 2 we launched the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace. And right now we have a small booster for all verified and registered users of the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace.

The PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace is the one-stop shop for all PlayDapp projects on the polygon network. It accepts Matic and WETH, so you’ve got options. Not only that but the Polygon Marketplace works just like the PlayDapp Ethereum Marketplace. With bundles, bids and all the searchability, you can handle.

Currently, the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace is home to the PlayDapp Town NFT. More NFT will be added as we progress.

For PlayDapp Town NFT you’ll find all grades of the released 6 characters here. As of now, there are some fluctuations in values, as the market establishes itself Of course currently these are the only PlayDapp Town NFT in existence.

PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace launch support

With the launch of the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace, we’re excited for all users to get started. After all, it’s the place to collect and sell your PlayDapp Town NFT.

With that in mind, we’re giving connected and verified users a helping hand.

We’ll be giving out 0.01 Matic to anyone that connects their wallet and verifies their email address. This will be sent automatically.

Why 0.01 Matic? This amount is intended to help you get your first NFT listed on the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace with as smooth a journey as possible. The 0.01 MATIC will help to cover the first steps for selling on the marketplace.

With more NFT planned, and more games on the way to the PlayDapp ecosystem we cant wait to welcome as many registered users as possible. So whether you’re looking to simply acquire more NFT or trying to get that final one for a full collection of six, ready to convert into the rare SSR grade, now is the time to register on the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace.

Register today and get your gas fee support.

We hope that your journey with the PlayDapp Polygon MarketPLAce is as smooth as possible.


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