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Bright Star Studios has announced that their first land sale for the Solarwood nation in Ember Sword will take place on May 27th at 17:00 UTC. This land sale will take place on their official website. They will sell approximately 12,000 land plots, starting at 0.011 ETH or $40 and all the way up to $80,000 for an entire city.

The nation of Solarwood will offer space for approximately 40,000 land parcels. Therefore this first land sale of 12,000 plots is only the beginning for Ember Sword. More sales moments will follow in the months to come. However, the prices of this first land sale will be 50% lower than the normal price.

A land plot, which is roughly the size of your game screen, is the smallest piece of land you can buy. For $40 you become a Sir or a Lady, and your land can host campsites, NPC houses, monsters, and resources. For roughly $400, or actually 0,107 ETH, you get a settlement plot. Small-sizes buildings can be placed here, for example a guild outpost or some stores.

Pay 2.139 ETH or $8,000 and you get 4 land plots that combine as a town. These allow for bigger buildings, an exchange that connects with the global gaming network. If you really have many to throw around, you could ten times as much and acquire a city. During the next sale all prizes will be doubled.

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What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a cross-platform free-to-play open world fantasy MMORPG. The game promises a sandbox experience with complete player autonomy, which means that players doesn’t need to pick specific classes or roles. In addition the world of controlled by the community, and players can even own land. Bright Star Studios has planned Ember Sword for release in 2022, and it’s using the Polygon blockchain.

Players can create their own character, pick a home region, and venture into the dangerous world of Ember Sword. The game is heavy on action, underlined by a classless combat system. Players can for example defeat monsters or other players, or explore the world as a tradesman. Depending on their choices, they can become a talented refiner, or for example a craftsman of weapons.

Each region offers unique quests, monsters, and resources for crafting items. Players can use these resources or sell them in the player-driven economy.

From melee, ranged, and energy combat skills, to mining, blacksmithing, fishing, woodcutting, harvesting, and more, the many skills in Ember Sword offer near-endless activities. Each skill increases in level the more player are training. This unlocks new advancements, such as increased efficiency, new items to craft and equip, new abilities to cast, or resources to harvest.

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