My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Lottery: A Reference Guide

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The MNA Land Sale portal will open today, Saturday May 8th! The following document will serve as a reference guide for participation in the event. This guide makes the following assumptions:

  • You are familiar with the My Neighbor Alice game and the ALICE token
  • You are familiar with Chromia and the CHR token
  • You have a Metamask wallet and know how to use it
  • You have a basic knowledge of NFTs
  • Let’s get started!

The game world of MNA is divided into sections of land called Plots. A certain percentage of the plots in the game world will be made available for ownership to the public. These land plots will exist as NFTs that live on Binance Smart Chain.

The MNA Land Sale is a mechanism whereby users can win the right to purchase a plot of land. This land sale (the very first one ever!) will be selling plots from the region of the game known as Nature’s Rest.

The following is a list of required steps for participation as well as all pertinent information:

  1. When the staking portal goes live, users must deposit 20 ALICE tokens in order to register their address. If the user is selected in the land sale lottery, these tokens will be used as a payment for the plot of land. If the user is unlucky and does not win, they may leave these tokens deposited for the next land sale or withdraw them.
  2. A few days after the staking portal goes live, the 14 day ‘staking for tickets’ phase will begin.
  3. Depositing 20 ALICE tokens will automatically generate 20 tickets per day of staking for the user. In theory, you can win a plot of land simply by staking 20 ALICE. However, staking extra ALICE and/or CHR will generate extra tickets and give you a higher chance of being selected.
  4. Users receive one additional ticket per 1 ALICE staked, per day. ALICE tokens are staked directly in the land sale dashboard.
  5. Users receive one additional ticket per 20 CHR staked, per day. CHR tokens are staked through the Chromia staking portal at Staking Chromia will also earn you CHR rewards at a rate of 25% APR. Please note that there is a 14 day unstaking period for CHR tokens. Once you deposit CHR tokens to the staking contract, you must submit a withdrawal request and wait a full 336 hours (14 x 24) to withdraw your tokens.
  6. We also count tokens in LPs:
    Bakery: ALICE-BAKE
  7. At the end of the 14 days staking period, all of the tickets received are entered into a lottery. Addresses can only be selected once — after they win, the remainder of their tickets are removed from the lottery
  8. Addresses that were selected in Step 6 will be able to redeem the plot of land as NFT for 20 ALICE. At the conclusion of the sale, users that were not selected can choose to leave their ALICE deposited for the next land sale, or withdraw their tokens.

…and that’s all there is to it! To recap:

  • The lottery portal will go live today, Saturday May 8th
  • When the staking begins in a few days you must deposit 20 ALICE to register the land sale and have a chance to be selected
  • You can stake additional ALICE and CHR for 14 days to increase your chances of being selected
  • After the 14 day staking period, winners are chosen and their 20 ALICE is exchanged for a land plot. Losers get to keep their ALICE.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Chromia’s staking portal, please visit Chromia’s official Telegram channel at

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the land sale portal, please visit the MNA Telegram channel at

Thank you for your support and good luck in the land sale!

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