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Ethernity Chain Drop #4 | May 8th

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Ethernity Chain Drop #4: Pelé

Ethernity Drop #3 continues to Sunday, May 2nd @ 12pm ET.
We would like to thank our community for the ongoing participation onthis drop.

This reminds us: “Success is no accident.” says Pelé. And we feel the same way. With the success of Muhammed Ali Drop, we want to give the legend Pelé his own weekend drop worthy of the highest honor and will be premiering his aNFT collection Saturday, May 8th @ 12pm ET.

Named FIFA World Player of the Century, Pelé’s talent had him labeled ‘The Greatest of All Time,” and we are honored to bring the first Pelé licensed aNFT to the community, exclusively on Eternity Chain.


Ethernity is taking steps to reward its loyal hodlers. We are still implementing Chainlink’s oracle price discovery feeds. In the meantime, we are taking active steps to enable payments with ERN at a discounted rate of 2.5% on all sales starting with the Pele collection.

Therefore, we will be fully integrated to accept ERN, ETH, and credit card payments on the site.

Wen Stones ?💎

By month’s end, Stone Holders will be rewarded with access to exclusive community aNFT drops and other community-oriented social incentives. Please stay tuned. 💎


Our Ethernity team has been innovating how to engage its community and our extensive relationships across sports, media, arts, entertainment, licensing, and collectibles. Our Clubhouse rooms prior to each drop have been lively, informative, and extremely helpful. Take a look at our rooms and who’s stopped by.

However, we want to further incorporate our Twitter following and will be hosting our first Twitter Spaces to commemorate the Pele Drop on May 8th at 11:30 AM EST. Invites will go out from our Twitter and across all of our socials.

The PELÉ aNFT Collection:

In collaboration with VISUAL LAB

‘Visualizing Pele’s story, meaning and goal, how he has changed Brazilian football and acted as a beacon of hope for kids growing up in Brazil.’ is the story captured in the NFT “THE KING OF FOOTBALL”.

Visual Lab has collaborated with Rafa Zabala, known for his work on The Hobbit and Planet of the Apes, to create a hyper-realistic digital bronze bust that seamlessly blends between 1958 and 2021.


features a nostalgic sunny afternoon in the suburbs of Brazil, the wind is blowing through the trees as a kid is practicing his shots on the worn mural behind a bust of our hero Pelé. The streets are as dusty as they were in Pele’s youth but perfect for refining your game.

As we dive into Pelé’s thoughts the suburbs theatrically change into a stadium.

Thousands of spectators cheering, moments before taking the shot on goal. A tense ambiance lingers in the air as the shot is taken. GOAL! The crowd cheers as confetti swirl down, Pelé scores!

“PELÉ” (Quantity TBA)

‘Pelé is a colorful presentation of Pele’s bronze image. Rafa Zabala accurately portrayed Pelé in his early years.

Announcing Ethernity’s “Multi-Packs” Trading Cards

“Bicycle Pelé”

Ethernity Trading Card Gilded

Pelé has always been known for his trading card fame. Gilded in Gold, Gilded Bicycle Pelé showcases the most renowned soccer kick of all time, which Pelé made famous. These limited edition cards will be part of the Etherntiy Cards and Packs Collection launching in Summer 2021.

Ethernity Trading Card Epic

Pelé has always been known for his trading card fame. Chromatically infused, Epic Bicycle Pelé showcases the most renowned soccer kick of all time, which Pelé made famous. These limited edition cards will be part of the Ethernity Cards and Packs Collection launching in Summer 2021.


Visuallab https://www.instagram.com/thevisuallab/ https://www.twitter.com/thevisuallab


Rafa Zabala https://www.instagram.com/rafazabalastudio https://www.rafazabalastudio.com

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