Spells of Genesis Waves Book of Orbs Goodbye

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The action puzzle card game Spells of Genesis will no longer use Book of Orbs, as the developers at EverdreamSoft will discontinue the service. Gamers who still play the game, will need to use alternatives in order to store and share their collectibles. Books of Orbs will go offline on May 31st.

Back in the days before the NFT hype, Spells of Genesis already was a mobile game with tokenized assets. These assets weren’t called NFTs, and they weren’t even on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead EverdreamSoft used Counterparty, which is connected to the Bitcoin blockchain. Now they will discontinue their own Book of Orbs, and hardcore Spells of Genesis players will need to move their Counterparty wallet elsewhere.

The Casa Tookan Wallet would be a good one, as it supports Bitcoin, Counterparty and Ethereum. It’s also very easy to connect Spell of Genesis to it. As a result players can use and send their cards freely. Players can transfer their Books of Orbs account by using the passphrase in Casa Tookan. To find your passphrase, please check the video below:

Wow, this sounds old school

Well, yes, it kinda is. Despite being a bit limited and old school, Counterparty is still being used. As a matter of fact, as people are searching for the first NFTs, they should be looking at digital assets on the Counterparty chain instead of Ethereum. Let’s say you’re interested in dipping your toes into Counterparty, what do you need to do?

  1. Download Free Wallet – this also gives access to a decentralized exchange for digital assets.
  2. With Counterwallet there’s an alternative as well
  3. Get Orb Explorer – a browser to visualize NFTs

What is Spells of Genesis?

Spells of Genesis is one of the pioneering games in the blockchain space, as it launched in 2017 on mobile phones. It was the first mobile game that introduced non-fungible tokens. Instead of Ethereum it used the Bitcoin Counterparty blockchain for that. Over the years the project was halted, revived and even introduced some play-to-earn mechanics. However, those money making efforts were temporary.

In Spells of Genesis players get to select a number of cards before each game. Each of these cards comes with certain powers. Moving from left to right each card gets a turn. On a turn players get to shoot a ball in an effort to destroy obstacles. Depending on the active card, a certain power is used. For example, fire balls can damage multiple targets while shield provides protection against incoming damage.

Amidst the player turns, hostiles also get to attack. They attack individual cards, which can lead to the infamous ‘game over’ message. Certain player cards work well against certain combinations of enemy powers. That’s why gamers need to obtain a variety of cards at the highest level possible. There are two types of cards: in-game ones and tokenized ones on the blockchain.

Spells of Genesis – When will the Book of Orbs go offline?

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