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How to Easily Renew All Your .ETH Names at Once

This post was originally published on Ethereum Name Service


Apr 25 · 3 min read

Since we moved away from the deposit model to the annual spent fee model, we have spike in name expirations on May (for all names) and October (short names).

We noticed the renewal spike 30 days prior to the mass expiration date (May the 4th is when we switched). This is probably because many people added email reminder via BuidlHub mail notification service.

Even though renewal gas cost is not as expensive as registration, it is currently ranging between 30~50 USD which is still expensive.

What we suggest is that you renew multiple years so that you pay less often. You don’t have to do it for 100 years but 2~5 years is the recommended length (hopefully we have a complete L2 solution for both registration and renewal by that time). We already have a way to renew multiple names in one transaction but we also added two new features to make it even more efficient.

If you want to go for “permaname”, you are more than welcome to renew for 100 years.

1. Pagination

You can do bulk renewals of your names on the My Accounts page in our Manager App. But if you had over 30 names, it was difficult to renew them in one transaction. To fix this, we recently added pagination for up to 300 names so hopefully you can more easily bulk renew names. (There are a few addresses that still owns over 1000 names, but it is more likely to hit the block limit if you try to renew more than 300 addresses).

2. Renew names across multiple addresses

I don’t think many people own 100s of names but many people may have registered names with more than one Ethereum address. To bulk renew names owned by multiple Ethereum addresses, just add the names you want to renew to your Favourites by clicking ♡ the button for each.

In this case, I logged in as but is owned by another address of mine so it shows the warning saying “Renewing a name you do not own does not give you ownership of it”. (Any Ethereum account can pay to add registration years to any ENS name without changing ownership of the name.)

Unfortunately, the gas for renewing 2 names for 5 years still cost twice as much as the renewal fee. If your names expire on May 4th, you still have 90 days grace period to renew so you may want to try when the gas price falls lower.

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