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Introducing New Dynamic Tournament Rewards

This post was originally published on Sorare


Apr 23 · 6 min read

Sorare has had an explosive start to 2021! Since last updating our rewards pool, we’ve added new features to the platform, welcomed some of the biggest clubs in world football and announced our Series A funding of 50 million. The standout highlight however, is the thousands of football fans who have joined the Sorare community.

We would not be where we are today without our community’s support and feedback. As promised, we have reviewed your ideas and suggestions for improved rewards across divisions.

As a company, we want to be approachable and as transparent as possible. Below, is a detailed explanation of the changes we will make to the rewards pool.

A Scalable Solution

Managers are improving their scouting networks, skills, and finding new and innovative ways to play our global fantasy football game. Along with our rapid growth, this has resulted in far more competitive Division 4 Tournaments. We want more Managers to feel that they can compete and work towards experiencing the thrill of adding a card reward to their collection.

It was very important for us to design a scalable system that can quickly adapt as we welcome more clubs and leagues to Sorare and our community grows from strength to strength. We have found a solution that improves the SO5 experience, and ensures that more Managers can compete and feel rewarded for applying their football knowledge.

A new dynamic Reward System

We are introducing a new dynamic Reward System that is based on the number of clubs playing in a given Game Week.

What does this mean?

The size of a Game Week prize pool is influenced by how many Sorare licensed clubs have fixtures in that window.

If there are a small number of clubs playing in a quiet midweek Game Week, there will be fewer card rewards up for grabs. However, this new system allows us to greatly increase the number of rewards for busier and more competitive Game Weeks.

With our new system, here’s an example of what the reward pools might have looked like for a ‘quieter’ (Champions League Quarter Final GW #149) and a bigger Game Week (GW #154).

Please note this is just an approximation and numbers could vary slightly in the final version.

In a nutshell, here’s what is happening:

More teams = more rewards, less teams = less rewards.

Beyond giving more rewards, this system also allows all SO5 Tournaments to be open all the time. As long as at least one club is playing, that particular regional Tournament will be open. We will have no more confusion around whether Challenger Europe has enough teams, or whether Champion Europe will only target a few managers.

Everything is open as long as 1 team is playing. Global Leagues are open if at least one team in two different regions is playing.

We are fine-tuning how the rewards are distributed across divisions for each Tournament. We will share more information on this at a later date.

The number of cards we can give out has always been directly related to the number of teams we have on the platform. Any new club will automatically increase the number of rewards we can give out, and we’re planning on signing the top 20 leagues in the world. You can expect the number of cards to continue to increase as Sorare grows.

This new model is scalable, sustainable, dynamic, and rewards more Managers for their hard work.

What is happening to ETH Thresholds?

In this iteration of the Reward system, we will not make any changes to the points threshold. You will still get a reward for hitting 205 pts and 250 pts in Global All-Star Division 4. However, all ETH rewards will be locked in to a set Dollar value. This means that you will always receive the ETH equivalent of the fixed dollar prize. So for hitting 205 pts, you will always win an ETH value worth $15, and for hitting 250 pts you will win an ETH value worth $30. This change also applies to the ETH rewards for the Top 3 in any given Division. The goal behind this change is to continue growing the Sorare platform in a healthy way, and ensure it welcomes managers from all backgrounds.

Facilitating Progression

Right now, the ETH threshold gives our community a clear target to aim for when starting out on their Sorare journeys. We want to improve our game progression and give our players a more exciting experience. We are currently developing a new threshold feature that will allow all Managers on the platform to unlock cards by progressing and accumulating points across multiple Game Weeks. We would like to make it clear that we plan to keep monetary prizes for the community, and that it’ll remain an important part of the experience.

In late summer, we will replace the $15 and $30 prizes for a more sustainable, and more exciting model, allowing you to ‘beat the game’ and progress up the rankings. We will share more on the progression feature in the coming months. Until then, we will be running a new type of “Player vs Game” Reward we’re excited to share with you.

Reward Drops

On select pre-announced Game Weeks, Managers whose position falls below card reward spots will be in the running for a new type of prize: a Reward Drop. On those Game Weeks, up to 30% of the Tier 3 Rare Rewards for the Game Week will be given to Managers within Division 4 who did not end up in a guaranteed card-winning spot but scored above 200 points.

The odds of getting a Reward Drop is based on your final position in Division 4. The more points you earned, the better your chances of getting a card.

We’re using the following formula to determine your chances of getting a card:

Chance(Rank+1) = Chance(Rank) * 0.99

The goal of Reward Drops is to improve the chances of progression for Managers. With a lucky card here and there, we hope more Managers will unlock their potential and progress up the ranks.

In a Nutshell:

Reward Drops are limited to Tier 3 Rare players and will only be available on specific Game Weeks. They’ll be handed out at random to Managers in Division 4 who didn’t win a card but reached 200 points. Look out for announcements on Social Media and our in-game notifications.

Extra Special Weeklies

Over the last few months we have focused on creating exciting Special Weekly events that keep our Managers on their toes. Every week, we will continue to look at the football calendar and change the Tournament requirements to relate to real-world events. We want the new generation of Special Events to be the most anticipated Tournament in Fantasy Football. Our Special Weeklys will now follow the same model as the Regional Tournaments:

Based on the Special Rules, the more eligible players there are, the more rewards we will be giving out.

Expect to see more Special Edition cards as additional prizes for the top 3 places, and look forward to event rules that give low-budget Managers a chance to shine, such as “Max Average Score < 40”.

These new Special Weekly Events will only be available once per week instead of two. Through our monthly calendars or community channels, we will aim to announce in advance when those Special Weekly Events will fall (mid-week or weekend).

Final Note

Thank you for your patience while we continue to improve your Sorare experience. We believe that these changes will build better game progression, create new and interesting strategies, and will ensure that more Managers are rewarded for their hard work. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new model before it launches in May 2021.

Good luck!

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