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Fernando Tatis Jr. First Ethernity Chain aNFT Drop

This post was originally published on Ethernitychain

Fernando Tatis Jr. will be dropping his first official, licensed aNFT on the Ethernity Chain Platform on April 26th, 2021

Ethernity Chain is pleased to bring our first baseball aNFT (“authenticated” NFT) to our community with “El Niño,” San Diego Padres Shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., and Ethernity’s first real-world collectibles offering.

Fernando Tatis Jr., MLB “The Show” Game Cover Athlete is a superstar and one of the major league’s most recognizable talents. His performance on the field as one of the elite stars in baseball led him to sign one of the most expensive contracts in Major League Baseball history with the San Diego Padres. In 2020, he recorded the highest exit velocity at 95.9 mph.

But stats alone don’t tell his triumphant story. In this drop, the artists from Impossible Brief chronicle his devotion to family, as the son of a former pro baseball player Fernando Tatis, and his home country, the Dominican Republic. It is a five-part NFT collection series.

More importantly, the drop features Ethernity’s first real world collectibles:

A custom-made and licensed baseball bat by Victus that buyers of the Limited Editions will be sent following the drop. Plus, a signed baseball, cleats, and in-game experience to see Fernando Tatis Jr. play with the San Diego Padres.

Drop Details:

Open Edition:

  • “Exit Velocity” = (price TBA on drop date)
  • One buyer of this will get a signed baseball by Fernando Tatis.
  • “Liftoff” = (price TBA on drop date)
  • One buyer gets a pair of signed cleats by Fernando Tatis
  • “The Bat Flip” (Tatis signature move) = (price TBA on drop date)
  • One buyer of this will get a signed bat

Rare Edition:

  • “El Niño” = (price tba on drop date)
  • 24 hour auction starting at 12 pm et Monday, April 26th
  • 123/123 Limited Edition @ (price TBA on drop date)
  • EACH person who buys an El Niño limited piece gets their very own physical bat from Victus Sports in the design shown on this NFT.

1 of 1

  • “Pride of a Nation” — 1 of 1 comes with an IO screen with Infinite Objects.
  • 3 hour auction starting at 12 pm ET Monday, April 26th
  • No reserve
  • Each bid has to be 10% higher than the last one
  • Winning bid must stand for 15 minutes unopposed
  • The winner also gets a signed bat, signed jersey, signed ball, signed batting gloves, 4 tickets to a Padres home game, and a live congratulatory message via zoom.

The Inspiration behind the collection by Impossible Brief:

Collection Title: The Next Generation

Tatis Jr. embodies the meaning of electrifying, youthful, and unapologetically ambitious. These traits command an exciting and fresh look to the sport. This drop showcases the next generation of collectibles with the next generation of baseball.

Pride of a Nation (1 of 1 Edition)

The 1 of 1’ embodies all elements of the drop. The ‘El Niño’ bat and all three open edition cards make an appearance here. This artwork is also an ode to the roots of Tatis Jr., with a quote personal to him and a landmark from the city that he grew up in. These roots run deep. Stemming from a strong baseball lineage, Tatis Jr. is carving his own unique path within the game.

El Niño (Limited Edition)

Statistical powerhouse. Symbol of change. Tatis Jr. is taking the league by storm.

The limited-edition ‘El Niño’ piece hails the emerging legacy of Fernando Tatis Jr. with a gold embossed bat including his signature, jersey number, and logo. Each collector of this NFT will receive a physical bat with the showcased design. The bats will be produced and shipped by Victus Sports, the exclusive bat sponsor for Tatis Jr.

Liftoff (Open Edition)

This NFT pays respect to the stellar defensive abilities that Tatis Jr. demonstrates day in, day out on the field. Tatis Jr. is pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible, and having fun doing it.

The Bat Flip (Open Edition)

On-Card Description:

Tatis Jr. plays the game with unbridled enthusiasm and an unmistakable style of play. So, we listened to the requests of our community and included Tatis’ signature in-game move, the bat flip!

Exit Velocity (Open Edition)

Our community card is an accessibly-priced NFT highlighting the incredible speed at which Tatis Jr. shatters the ball. Why? Tatis Jr. holds the record for the highest exit velocity of the 2020 season at an incredible 95.9 MPH.

Ethernity aNFT Launch Charity Partner:

Binance Foundation

  • 2.5% of Ethernity’s proceeds will be donated to the BCF for climate mitigation.


The Blockchain Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving global sustainable development goals by adopting the power of blockchain technology.They aim to transform philanthropy by developing a 100% transparent donation platform that reaches individual beneficiaries, and they take nothing from the donations.

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