Alchemix ft. Cometh, the perfect formula ⚗️

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It was obvious to make a Spaceship collection together! Presenting: The “Wizards” collection.
Get ready, auction starts today the 7h of April 2021 at 5PM GMT on OpenSea

Details below:

Alchemix themed Spaceships to be minted as NFTs on and used on

  • Alchemix themed spaceships “Wizards” will be available on Opensea (Start on April 7th) and in the Tube, with all the benefits to be redistributed in game.
  • One Mythic Alchemix spaceship “The Liberator” to be sold in a 24 hours auction (Starts on April 7th at 5pm GMT)


  • The full collection will be released in the Tube and Opensea on April 8th at 5PM GMT, around the end of the Mythic auction.
  • Create a MUST/ALCX pool on ComethSwap (L2 Dex) and distribute the liquidity pool tokens in game
  • MUST/ALCX LP tokens will be sent on an Alchemix shaped asteroid for the players to mine rewards with their spaceships
  • MUST/ALCX LP rewards go back to players (spaceship holders) and liquidity providers.

Spaceships will be minted as follow:

50 “Croissant” uncommon Spaceships for 0,5ETH on Opensea

Both the past and the future of France is a reliable staple, fresh from the oven. An old but reliable design, has been around longer than anyone can remember. This common traveller spreads delight in all corners of the universe, it ion engine exhaust smells like butter. Often fakes surrender by lowering it’s shields, but Upon boarding the invader often gets burned.

5 “Friendmaker” Rare Spaceships for 5000 DUST on

Born from Earth’s anti-gravity racing leagues, the Friendmaker is a high speed single pilot ship that’s capable of both on- and off-planet travel. It’s slim body makes it the perfect interceptor and scouting unit. Just be prepared to get addicted to the rush of super phantom speed.

5 “Space Crab” Rare spaceships for 15ETH on Opensea

Regular winner due to its unique ability to drift sideways. Dominating the moons of Jupiter Grand Race Circuit 8 Sols in a row, The Space Crab has made a name for itself as the first in class ship that can handle any environment with grace. It has become a favorite of racing enthusiasts and the Space Police Force for its sense of agility, speed, and control.

1 “Liberator Mythic” spaceships auctioned on Opensea

The design and underlying tech for this ship has been lost in the depths of time, but it has the unique ability to clone itself — provided sufficient energy can be concentrated in the one place for the task. Opportunities for this are exceedingly rare however, so the number of these ships in existence is very low. With “Standard by 12” speeds, cloaking while shielded, and an onboard oracle that can see roughly 3 minutes into the future, it is a highly desirable asset indeed!

The “Wizards” Spaceships shall be minted with the following characteristics:

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