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Introducing: Cometh Solar Systems ☀️

This post was originally published on Cometh

The Cometh galaxy is wide, there are countless stars and many juicy comets to be mined.

Move your ship to different solar systems for more opportunities to get rewards.

Each solar system has its own comets.

Get your spaceship ready. Explore them now:


How to travel to other solar systems

In solar systems, you can find portals.


These portals will allow you to travel to other solar systems.

Position your ship in the aura of the portal, a notification will appear allowing you to travel.

Traveling have a cost. You currently have to pay 0.001 MUST to the intergalactic toll company.

How many solar systems are available

At the moment, 3 solar systems are available in game.

To view all solar systems click on the Galaxy Map toggle button

For each solar system, you can see how many ships it contains, how many of your ships are in, and the number of comets.

About cometh.io

Cometh is the first DeFi Layer2 powered blockchain game with yield generating NFT. Cometh is building an entire Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, starting with a game and a decentralized exchange (ComethSwap)

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