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The NFT Marketplace Beta is live!

This post was originally published on The Sandbox

The Sandbox

Mar 30 · 8 min read

Marketplace Beta is live — Everything you need to know about minting and selling your NFTs for $SAND and how you can join the marketplace yourself!

The 46 talented artists featured in the Marketplace Beta

This is the Marketplace Beta!

2021 is the year of #NFTs in The Sandbox. Rejoice, today, with the launch of the Marketplace Beta, we are further empowering artists and creators by providing a platform through which they can monetize their creations.

Visit the Marketplace!

Starting from today, you can put your $SAND to good use and start purchasing a wide range of NFTs created by a variety of artists. The first phase of Beta will include just over 100 NFTs from 46 artists, and we’ll be adding more gradually, before opening the marketplace to everyone.

This article will explain how you can get your hands on the first ASSETs on sale on our marketplace as well as how you will be able to mint your own creations and monetize them later on! Read on to learn more about it.

You know all the basics already and want to see what’s in store for you (pun intended)? Head straight to the marketplace: https://www.sandbox.game/en/shop/

Venus De Cyberpunk by voxelbunny

As we launch the first phase of the marketplace beta. As time goes by, we will improve the experience for players and creators so stay tuned and be on the lookout for more updates.

Who are the artists?

Listed below are the forty-six talented artists that created the first NFTs to ever be sold in The Sandbox marketplace. You can follow, encourage them and see the amazing things they are creating on Twitter.

Aikiman, Alina S, AOB, BeInDreams, Benjiro, Carina Chen, Chakkaebi, Chimpabastian, Choco, Damon, Darkdag666, DiegoUrrea26, Diegus, Filiz, Gatostao, Gundam-Z, KamiSawZe, KiwiAndCoffee, Kosmikoyote, KradSuperSoldier, Liu Fogel, Meo, Mike0321, MJDV, Momo, Monancho, Mr Gold, Necrobombicon, Nest, Nexonik, NicolasNK, Pandapops, Pepe, Rafa, Remigio, Sandio, Shon-T, Sisapi, Superrisk, Thelostb0y, Toby R, Ven, Virginie Paulus, Voxel Blaze, Bunny, and William.

How to buy your first NFT


  • Log into your Sandbox account
  • Visit our marketplace
  • Select the NFT you are interested in
  • Click on the buy button
  • Make sure you have enough $SAND and ETH. How to get $SAND.
  • Sign the transaction on your wallet
  • You are the proud owner of a shiny new NFT

Now that the marketplace beta is live you can purchase NFTs directly from The Sandbox, without going to a third party! The process is simple. Log into your Sandbox account and visit our marketplace. Once there, you will be able to view all the ASSETs and NFTs created for use on our metaverse. You can then filter by clicking on the “for sale” button to view the first purchasable NFTs published on the marketplace.

On the left of the screen you can further filter by category: entity, equipment, wearable, and art or simply browse through the 100+ NFTs. Once you’ve found the NFT you want to purchase, select the number of copies you want, and click on the buy button. A pop-up window should appear from your wallet to invite you to finalize the transaction. Your transaction should be successful, granted that you have enough $SAND and ETH for gas fees and that there are enough copies remaining at the time of your purchase.

Voilà, you are the proud owner of a new NFT! Congratulations! You can now find it in your inventory, under the “me” section.

Note that there could be a slight delay between the time of purchase and the time the NFT appears on your inventory. This is perfectly normal, you can verify that the transaction was successful by checking it on Etherscan.

So, What’s Next?

After the launch of the marketplace beta phase one, the team will collect data, gather feedback and run some tests before we develop and launch more phases. Each new phase will introduce new features, refine the existing ones and allow more and more artists to add their NFTs to the marketplace. The marketplace will be playing a key role in the metaverse and as such we want to make it as user-friendly and straightforward as possible.

Before we are going into a full release with the Marketplace we are also working on technical solutions to help with the current gas fees, such as Layer 2.

How can I join the Beta as an artist?

Ultimately we want to have the marketplace open to anyone. At this point on the roadmap, this beta represents the first step and features only a small number of artists. The team will test the beta in this controlled environment before gradually opening it up to more contributors. As we upgrade the marketplace, we will integrate more NFTs and introduce new artists from our fund. This is an exciting phase for The Sandbox as we empower artists to start monetizing their creations.

Starry Night

If you have already downloaded and played around with VoxEdit then you are already closer to being able to upload your creations on the marketplace. More than ever, this is the time to create ASSETs, polish your existing ones, participate in our VoxEdit contests and gather feedback from the community. If you feel like your assets are marketplace-ready, why not apply to the artist fund?

We will announce the next phases in the coming months so follow us on our social media to stay in the loop.

Minting you NFTs


  • In Phase One, the minting process is available for whitelisted artists following the same flow we use today, from VoxEdit to the Dashboard, and will soon be open to all of them as we upgrade our features.
  • It allows the artists to define some creative traits about their work (Name, Description, Categorization) and its scarcity.
  • Minting does not involve any fee from The Sandbox — only the gas cost.
  • When minted, ASSETS follow the ERC-1155 standard.

The Sandbox is an NFT maker platform enabling anyone to create and sell their own NFTs, which can be used as ASSETS with our no-code Game Maker and are interoperable with other blockchain dApps.

During Phase One only whitelisted artists will have the ability to upload their NFTs to the marketplace. Subsequent phases will open the marketplace to more artists as we fine-tune features and upgrade the platform.

Before minting an NFT, you would need to create an ASSET using our 3D modeler, VoxEdit. Once you are satisfied with it, you can set a name, description, set its type (entity, wearable, equipment, or art), and export it to your profile. At this point, your ASSET is an unpublished or off-chain ASSET meaning that it is not yet an NFT. The process of minting your NFT is what will make it live on the blockchain, giving it security and ownership provability, thus making it purchasable on our marketplace.

Once your ASSET is complete and fully rigged you will be able to export and convert it to a non-fungible token (NFT) which can be sold for $SAND . Your ASSETs will remain on your profile whether published or not in the shop. It is up to you to decide if you want to share it via our marketplace as a virtual asset on the blockchain.

Pirate Mousse by VirginiePaulus

As explained above, Phase One requires a whitelisted account to be able to mint and upload new ASSETS to the marketplace. To be whitelisted you need to be part of the Creators’ Fund — You can contact the team via your cell leader. Your application will be reviewed and, if approved, you will be whitelisted.

Remember that you’ll need to be logged in with your wallet in order to export your creation. After this, you will encounter the export section in which you’ll be able to select a category, description, name, and up to three tags for your asset. This will help differentiate your NFT to potential buyers and will make it easier to be found on the Marketplace. It can also be a strong point of desirability so make sure to be as concise and creative as possible.

To mint your first NFT on The Sandbox website, head over to your “ME” section and then select the Inventory.

There you will be able to see all the ASSETs that you have previously uploaded from VoxEdit. Sort your creations by “Ready to mint”* and select the ASSET that you want to mint. You can select more than one at a time but for a first mint and to avoid errors, we suggest that you mint your ASSETs one by one.

Once you have selected the desired ASSET, a page will open on the right of the screen where you will be able to define its scarcity. This will determine how many copies there will ever exist of this particular ASSET, so choose accordingly. Depending on the chosen amount of copies, your NFT will either be common, rare, epic, or legendary.

  1. Common has a maximum of 20,000 copies
  2. Rare has a maximum of 4,000 copies
  3. Epic has a maximum of 1,500 copies
  4. Legendary has a maximum of 200 copies

Once the number of copies has been selected, you will be able to click the blue “mint” button at the bottom of the page. This will trigger a transaction from your wallet, requiring you to pay a certain amount of gas fees. Your NFT will be ready once that transaction goes through. Note that this will be the only fee needed to create your NFT. The Sandbox does not request any payment to create your NFT.

Congratulations on minting your first NFT! You are now one step closer to monetizing it on our marketplace for $SAND!

Gilded Statue of the Greatest Pirate by NicolasNK

*Bear in mind that in the initial phases, only ASSETs that have been reviewed and approved by the team will appear under that section. This to ensure that it will be usable by creators in the Game Maker.

As this first phase rolls out we will slowly whitelist more and more artists from our creator fund to mint and upload new ASSETS on the marketplace. Later phases will open the marketplace to more artists outside of the fund until finally everyone can publish their creations and monetize them!

See you on the Marketplace!

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