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Stevie Nicks reportedly blocks use of ‘Dreams’ for an NFT

Well, of course that guy on the skateboard who made that Fleetwood Mac song go viral on TikTok is now selling that video as a non-fungible token. Nathan Apodaca is hoping to trouser at least $500k from the NFT sale of his 23-second video, although there’s one wrinkle: it won’t include ‘Dreams’.

Apodaca’s representative told showbiz site TMZ that Stevie Nicks – the writer of the song – declined, even though she was offered 50% of the proceeds of the sale. Which is absolutely her right to do so.

It does raise some interesting questions around the intersection of music copyrights and NFTs, not to mention whether without its soundtrack, what’s being sold here is just a video of a guy drinking juice on his skateboard. That said, given the way NFTs work, is that even what’s being sold here? Or is it just the right to say ‘I paid half a million dollars to that guy on the skateboard’? And if all this isn’t confusing enough, John Cleese has a Brooklyn Bridge scribble NFT to sell you for $69,346,250.50. No skateboards involved, as far as we can tell.

Stuart Dredge

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