The Road to Creating a Game Jam Experience — Creators’ Interview #4 Entero Positivo

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Feb 21 · 4 min read

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Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share their stories.

In this edition of Game Creators, we speak with Jose Carlos, also known as Entero Positivo, a game creator who created an amazing game experience that won third place on our Game Jam. Let’s see what we can learn from his experience and skills…

Jose Carlos, what initially attracted you to The Sandbox?

What caught my attention was the possibility that any user could create their own games and share them in The Sandbox Metaverse. Little by little, I discovered other features that made The Sandbox even more interesting, such as the possibility of creating assets for oneself and for other game developers, and the possibility of sharing your own LANDS and exploring other users’ creations.

How easy was it for you to get started creating games in The Sandbox?

I have been a developer for many years and I have been surprised how the Game Maker makes it extremely easy to create complex games without programming a single line of code. Since I am passionate about code, I would like to be able to create some experiences with it but I understand that the current form of game development makes the platform accessible to all audiences without the need for prior knowledge in game development.

Besides, the interesting thing about The Sandbox is that you have a very complete gallery of assets made by other users which is usually more than enough to get to know this world.

Entero’s submission to the Game Jam

How did The Sandbox help you deal with the pandemic this past year?

Luckily, during the pandemic I have continued with my usual work of developing software for third parties and managing my online business. However, it has been a great help to be able to disconnect from the hard blow of adjusting to this new situation that the pandemic has meant for all of us.

How did you create your entry for the Game Jam?

The main idea was to develop a game of four levels or layers with each level connected by inner galleries.

  • 1st level: Is the top level where users start the game. It consists of a layer with snow, a lake and the Ice Temple.
  • 2nd level: The Ice Room with some parkour challenges.
  • 3rd level: The Stone Room.
  • 4th level: Hell — the lowest level.
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Fire Underground — The Ice Temple

What are your motivations and goals for 2021?

Continue learning how to use the Game Maker and above all make amazing assets or programs that help other artists to create cool games for The Sandbox.

Do you have a big game project to publish on The Sandbox platform?

I have a couple of very interesting ideas to develop, I just need some time to turn my sketches into good games.

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Sample of an underground gallery

What keeps you involved with The Sandbox?

I think The Sandbox is a very interesting project that has a lot to offer. Although it is currently at an early stage and still has room for improvement, I am totally confident that it will be a major success and I will do everything in my power to contribute to the success of The Sandbox.

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Fire Underground — The Ice Level

Any tip for a beginner that wants to create their first experience?

I would tell any beginner not to be afraid to try the Game Maker. Play with examples of games made* and learn little by little because it will be a very fun adventure and each time you will get better results with a little effort.

*Available in the Gallery of the Game Maker.

We thank Entero Positivo for taking the time to speak to us regarding his creative process. We’ll be back soon with more Game Creators interviews, so stay tuned!

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