The Nemesis and The Cryptonomist team up to promote NFT in a new virtual gallery

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The Nemesis is a new online 3D entertainment platform that combines virtual world technology with gaming and gamification.

The virtual art galleries and live streaming events are two examples of how The Nemesis intends to convey branded content through gamification.

As such, The Cryptonomist has partnered with this project to educate and introduce more people to the world of NFTs, as this is a big new trend for 2021 in the blockchain industry.

The Nemesis and The Cryptonomist, live every Friday

That’s why, starting on February 19th, every Friday at 4:30 PM (CET) The Cryptonomist will be conducting events dedicated to non-fungible tokens on this platform, featuring interviews with artists and leaders in the crypto art world.

The first to be interviewed will be Federico Clapis, a famous Italian artist who has recently entered the NFT sector.

The great innovation of this platform is that while the interview is being held on the big screen, users will enter The Nemesis as avatars, catapulted into a virtual art gallery where they can look at the works as if they were in a museum. 

Avatars can also interact with each other, ask questions and much more, in order to create the most immersive experience possible.

Registration is free and the events will be live in English. Afterwards, replays can be found on The Cryptonomist’s YouTube channel.

The Nemesis is currently in the go-to-market phase and is also conducting a major investment round, which is still open.

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