The Sandbox Game Maker V0.5 — Release Notes

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Feb 15 · 3 min read

A new update of the Game Maker is available, faster and more effective, download it now!

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Here are the few updates that you can find in the new version of the Game Maker:

  • Faster loading and response time
  • Improved performance on bigger experiences with a large amount of assets
  • Library Improvements
  • Neutral lighting preset
  • Behaviours updates
  • 3 new templates
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We have made quite a few changes in the Game Maker architecture to accommodate new features. Here are a few updates that you will be able to experience in the Game Maker V0.5:

  • Faster loading and response time of the Game Maker tools which ensures less friction when creating.
  • Improved performance on bigger experiences for a faster Game Maker and less loading time. Creators that are designing complex experiences with a variety of assets will find this update to be handy.

Lighting presets

Lighting can play a key role in your game, which is why we have improved on the existing presets and have eliminated refraction errors on light surfaces as well as correcting color emanation.

New Templates

Nine brand new experience templates have been added to those available:

  • The Lab: An experience that lets you test out the different behaviours we have and different ways to use them.
  • The Lab — Demo Fighting System: A place that will help you test our the difference fights in your experiences and how to put them into place.
  • Training Grounds: A place where you can test out some of our assets and components and how they interact with each other.
  • The Bazaar: A revamped version of the old Bazaar experience that puts everything into one solid gameplay experience.
  • Three new biomes: snow, desert and forest. These will help you create experiences in different environments. Each of these biomes are made in 1×1 and 2×2 sizes.

Chat Bubbles (available on the Multiplayer)

When playing in the multiplayer, players will now be able to see the first iteration of chat bubbles above the avatar’s heads. This is to ensure a smoother and livelier experience when chatting with other players in the social hubs.

NFT Inspect

From the Inventory, you will be able to access a new Tab called NFT. The NFT tab will show a full list of NFTs and ASSETS used inside an experience and identify the trending assets that other creators are using.

Fighting System UI & VFX

Visual queues have been added to attacks that show damage numbers when hitting or blocking hits from an enemy. We’ve also added and improved upon existing VFX to make combat queues much clearer.

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