10th Anniversary of Bitcoin in iGaming

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It’s technically not the 10th anniversary yet, because the first time Bitcoin was seen on an iGaming platform was in August 2011, so there’s still 6 months to go. 

However, since most people measure age with years, we will also do the same and still celebrate a decade of Bitcoin in the iGaming sector.

 It may have taken multiple tries and quite a lot of convincing but Bitcoin has still managed to embed itself in this sector to a point where it’s impossible to live without it.

 Dozens of brands have either adopted the blockchain technology or have based their entire platforms on it from the get-go. 

And with a record-high speed of support for Bitcoin, ETH, and DOGE with online iGaming sites, it’s very likely that blockchain-powered options will take a significant part of the market.

Thanks to an infographic, courtesy of BitcoinCasinosReviews, we can now see the 10-year journey that Bitcoin went through to get to where it is today in the iGaming sector.

Bitcoin’s success in iGaming

 Although there have been plenty of events that have marked the success of this coin, there are still some additional highlights that need to be mentioned. However, I’d like to focus on one of them, and that’s IGT’s patent decision.

 It happened not too long ago actually. IGT, the world’s largest manufacturer of slot machines patented a project for introducing BTC to offline slot machines. What this means is that some of the largest hotel venues in the world will now have some sort of connection with blockchain, skyrocketing usage to heights BTC has never reached before in gaming.

Sure, it’s not going to be iGaming per say, but it’s going to go a long way to re-introducing the spark necessary to convince all brands to at the very least support Bitcoin payments on their platforms.

 It’s a stretch, but it’s still possible. 

Bitcoin Gambling Infographic

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