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“Brothers on a Trip” by Koosha

Block INSIGHT is fortunate to invite crypto artist Koosha Azim to participate in our exclusive interview. Learn the experience behind his artworks in the following interview.

Host: Block INSIGHT

Guest: Koosha Azim from San Francisco Bay Area

Block INSIGHT: Welcome to Block INSIGHT! We will now introduce Koosha Azim(An Artist, Musician, and Financial Technologist) to all artists, collectors, and readers here.

Introduction by Koosha: I am Koosha. Some call me Crypto Koosh. I am an Iranian-American artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My Iranian heritage and cultural interests drive my artistic ambitions. Every day, I create art. Between composing music and drawing, I prioritize pushing my artistic capabilities to live my life to the fullest. I ran into Bitcoin in 2017 during my first year in high school.

My curiosities in the fintech and cryptocurrency space led me to follow the field closely and work with various blockchain startups. In 2020, I began minting NFTs and selling art through decentralized markets. Now, I aim to expand my art’s impact and become a known creative figure.

Here’s a selfie of Koosha behind the scenes

Q1: What do you think of Computer-generated art and Crypto art, and what are the similarities between the two?

Koosha: At first, I disliked generative artwork. I viewed the creative process for such pieces as robotic and lacking true artistic intention. The more I got into NFTs, the more open I became to the idea of creating art with code. Such concepts became a staple of internet culture within my mind. Similarly, crypto art symbolizes the future of internet assets and ownership. Despite the intangible nature of both mediums, people are increasing their interest in non-fungible digital property.

Q2: The value of an innovative artwork lies in how popular/influential you are in modern society. How do you think blockchain technology can promote the transformation and innovation of today’s art?

Koosha: Blockchain technology provides access and transparency like never before. With the internet and Web3.0 tools, almost anyone can leverage this technology to build a brand and create innovative art. Blockchain technology allows us to track the life cycle of art and immerse ourselves in a futuristic creative ecosystem. People can experiment with a free market with almost endless creative possibilities.

Q3: Do you think internet galleries will eventually replace physical galleries in the future?

Koosha: Internet galleries are far from replacing physical galleries currently, but both will co-exist as popular entertainment options in the future. Nonetheless, virtual reality and online galleries open doors to many more visitors or potential collectors of valuable art assets.

Q4: Are you willing to educate people outside this field? How are you going to explain what your work or job is to them?

Koosha: I teach people about this career and lifestyle on a daily basis. I explain selling NFTs as a way for individuals to fairly acquire my creations, invest in my young career, and build future value within the digital economy.

Q5: Last but not least, any recent artworks you would like to share? Please tell us more about the art piece(s) you share.

Koosha: I am currently working on pastel physical art collections that I aim to tokenize as NFTs. Also, I am actively producing a new music project and exploring a medium that combines my art and music together. My recent pastel and charcoal works mirror my emotions and mental dialogue flowing through my brain.

“Chaotic Minds” by Koosha

“Tophat Misery” by Koosha

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