2020 Retrospective for ENS

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Brantly Millegan

Jan 27 · 6 min read

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2020 was a big year for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS)! We fixed a bug in one of our core smart-contracts, expanded the features of ENS names, and saw massive growth in adoption. Here’s a summary:

Bug fix


You can see a full list of integrations in the “ENS Ecosystem” section of our website. These integrations include wallets like Coinbase, Trust Wallet, and My Crypto; dapps like Uniswap, Tornado Cash, and The Graph; and browsers like Brave, Opera, and the MetaMask extension.

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You can click “See More +” on our website to browse the full list.

ENS Workshop

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Growth of the Decentralized Web

Browser support is going well! You can now visit ENS + IPFS websites in Brave, Opera, Status, MetaMask Mobile, any browser with the MetaMask extension, and more. The IPFS daemon also now comes with ENS support.

In April, the ethereum.org team made it also available on ENS + IPFS at ethereum.eth (or ethereum.eth.link).

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The Great Renewal

To help people with this transition, we made it easier to renew .ETH names, including in bulk, and added opt-in email and calendar reminders. We created a widget that dapps could embed that would remind users to renew their ENS name and even worked with dapps like OpenSea and imToken to send out renewal reminder emails to their users.

Around 280k .ETH names were released in August 2020. To prevent a mad rush and “gas fee auction” (whoever pays the highest gas wins the registration; and gas fees were already high), we added a decaying price premium for newly released names.

L2 plans

Other new features

We now have a dedicated tool for reclaiming deposits for .ETH names registered with the pre-May 2019 system.

The Manager app now supports custom text records, which means users or projects can use ENS to store any arbitrary data.

We greatly expanded the number of blockchains supported in our address encoding library to over 110. We now consider our multi-coin support to be deep enough to encompass nearly all blockchain assets that the vast majority of users would want to receive with their ENS name.

We expanded the number of ways users can connect their wallet to our Manager app beyond injected providers like MetaMask to now include WalletConnect, Portis, Torus, Authereum, and MEW wallet.

We released version 2 of our JS library ensjs. ENS is supported in 12 of the top libraries, but not all libraries have support for the full range of ENS features. Our library supports a majority of operations.

Users can now set multiple records in one transaction in the Manager app.

Other noteworthy things

We started an email newsletter. Subscribing is a great way to keep up with ENS with periodic updates.

We held an ENS-theme NFT art contest with MakersPlace.

We presented at ETHVR0, a VR-based conference.

Rocket LP DAO issued the world’s first ENS name-backed loan.

The DNS TLD .KRED launched deep DNS-ENS integration.

We supported the launch of ETH2 by making depositcontract.eth point to both the ETH2 deposit contract and to the web UI.

We renewed our Blue Membership in DNS-OARC (and presented at their last in-person workshop OARC 32 in February before COVID-19 shutdowns).

We explained why ENS uses Ethereum and ETH and not a bespoke blockchain and token.

We switched ENS to use the Chainlink ETH-USD price oracle, and Chainlink started using data.eth as a decentralized directory of their price oracles.

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January 2021

We partnered with Cloudflare to take over management of the backend of our eth.link ENS + IPFS gateway service, which will not only provide better uptime and scalability but all sites accessed through the service will now have HTTPS.

We updated our Twitter bot to @ at Twitter users who have a .ETH name in their Twitter profile name that needs renewing soon.

And our expanded DNS namespace integration is now on the Ropsten testnet. We’re grateful to Ethereum Classic Labs for sponsoring our work on that feature with a grant. We hope to deploy to mainnet soon, so stay tuned.

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…and Beyond

You can read and discuss our 2021 roadmap on our forum. ENS has always been an open source and community-driven project. We really appreciate all the help, suggestions, and contributions we get from all of you!

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