DNS Namespace Integration on Testnet, Ethereum Classic Labs Sponsors with Grant

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We’re pleased to announce we’ve deployed the smart contracts for the integration of the DNS namespace into ENS on the Ropsten testnet and that Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs) has given us a grant to sponsor the development of this upcoming feature. If all goes well on Ropsten, we hope to deploy to mainnet in a few weeks.

DNS namespace integration

The journey to integrate the DNS namespace for use on ENS has been a long one. While ENS launched in May 2017 with the ENS-native top-level domain (TLD) .ETH, ENS has always been capable in principle of supporting more TLDs. To expand the namespace on ENS, we’ve decided against simply creating additional ENS-native TLDs in favor of integrating the existing DNS namespace. We think this approach is best for users and gives ENS the best chances for long-term success.

This plan was first announced at Devcon3 back in November 2017, with steady progress over the last +3 years (e.g., see here, here, herehere)

This current update will enable the owners of most 2LDs (e.g. example.com) to claim the same name (example.com, not example.eth) for use on ENS. They then will be able to set ENS records for their DNS name, e.g. they could receive payments of ETH, ETC, BTC, DOGE, et al with example.com. This is an expansion of what is already possible with .XYZ names on ENS.

Unfortunately, this will not work right now with 3LDs that function like 2LDs, e.g. “example.co.uk”, though we plan to enable them in the future. And some lesser-used TLDs don’t have the required DNSSEC features. But, practically speaking, most DNS names will be able to be used on ENS.

Ethereum Classic Labs grant

We’re grateful to ETCLabs for their grant sponsoring this new DNS namespace integration feature.

“ENS provides important, public, and foundational Internet infrastructure. The DNS namespace integration will increase utility and propel adoption,” said Terry Culver, CEO of ETC Labs. “We’re pleased to support ENS in taking this step and are excited to see the deployment to mainnet in just a few weeks.”

This collaboration makes sense since this feature greatly expands the number of TLDs usable on ENS beyond the ENS-native TLD “.ETH.” While .ETH names can receive payments of any cryptocurrency, including ETC, the TLD “.ETH” is most associated with Ethereum. DNS names have no cryptocurrency association and so can be useful as more neutral names for people to receive any cryptocurrency. For example, it might make more sense for an ETC user to use “theirname.com” to receive ETH, ETC, BTC, DOGE, et al.

For more information on ETC Labs visit their Medium, follow them on Twitter, and sign up for monthly ETC newsletter updates, here.

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