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ZED EMANATE: Synergy on the Blockchain

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Jan 12 · 2 min read

The future of music production has arrived.

**Originally published 2020/07/17**

When it comes to music on the blockchain, Emanate is the first company that comes to mind.

Emanate leverages blockchain to pay musicians and artists immediately as any of their music gets streamed. ZED.RUN and Emanate are teaming up to disrupt music and gaming in the world of blockchain!

The opportunity

The collaboration is giving creators around the world a chance to showcase their music! Creators can submit the tracks that they think will best suit the world of ZED RUN.

The best tracks submitted during the competition will not only win cash prizes but will also have their music live and breathe within ZED RUN.

Tracks will be featured during events such as racing, playing to ZED RUN players and users.

Who is ZED?

ZED is a virtual race horsing game on the blockchain where you can buy, bred, sell and race thoroughbreds to create a legacy of winning racehorses while generating a monetary return.

Who is Emanate?

Emanate is building a blockchain-ready music technology platform with artists, creativity, and collaboration at the centre, aligning incentives for all ecosystem participants to drive transformational change for the music industry.

Want to be part of this once in a lifetime collaboration? BE FIRST. BE HEARD. Join now >>> https://zed.emanate.live/

Join the Fun 🐎

Head over to www.zed.run to buy your very own digital thoroughbred, or join one of our fast-growing social channels below:


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