Ivan on Tech Academy Review – Is This the Best Blockchain Course in 2021?

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The amount of value here is absolutely absurd, and this is coming from someone that is not even a developer. My understanding of crypto and crypto-speak in general has increased dramatically.

Ivan Liljeqvist is a popular YouTube influencer in the crypto space and has a strong background in web development and dapps.

He recently dropped a tremendous amount of additional learning material through Ivan on Tech Academy, his online course.

There was a one month special where you could enroll in the course for $1 for thirty days so I immediately bought.

Looking back this is possibly the greatest deal in blockchain and crypto education thus far. It renews for additional content at $49 per month.


Forget it.

That scam won’t last when information like this is so freely available on the internet.

I’m lucky enough to be able to play instructional videos at warp speed and still comprehend the info, frequently rolling at 1.75X or 2X speed.

Even on hyperdrive, it still took me almost the full thirty “promotional” days watching about two hours a night just to get through only about 80% existing material.

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Blockchain Skills in Demand!

Linkedin recently published a graphic which revealed that blockchain skills are most in demand for 2021.


Now more than ever you will need to have a plan on how to learn to compete. This is where Ivan on Tech Academy gives you a HUGE head start for a very low cost.

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The course list includes:

  • Crypto Basics
  • Blockchain Deep Fundamentals
  • Smart Contract Programming
  • Blockchain Business Masterclass
  • Ethereum Game Programming
  • Algorithmic Trading and Technical Analysis
  • Bitcoin Programming 101
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Security
  • Cryptography and Privacy Coins
  • Defi 101
  • Defi 201
  • Enjin Blockchain Game Development
  • EOS Programming 101
  • EOS programming 201
  • Ethereum 101
  • Ethereum 201
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201
  • Javascript Programming for Blockchain
  • Lightning Network and App Programming
  • Unity Blockchain Game Development 101
  • Study Guides and Q&A

After taking much of the course, I believe the best order is:

  • Crypto Basics
  • Bitcoin Standard Course – History of Money
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Blockchain Deep Fundamentals
  • Bitcoin Programming 101
  • Ethereum 101
  • Ethereum 201
  • Smart Contract Programming
  • Ethereum Game Programming

If you follow this path, your understanding will “flow” a bit better.

As of January 2021, the following courses are also available:

  • New Blockchain Developer
  • Intermediate Blockchain Developer

These tracks will require you to take the basics understanding courses before diving in.

The courses are listed upon login, but there is no direction on what to take first depending on your level of skill. This is not necessarily a knock, but in my opinion there is definitely a specific order that should be followed.

Blockchain Fundamentals

blockchain deep fundamentals

I believe Blockchain Fundamentals is essential for anyone learning about crypto in general, even if you have no intention of ever touching a piece of code.

As you progress, it will begin to challenge your will. How deeply do I want to care about fundamental code? Do I really need to know this stuff?

Any investor, gamer, enthusiast, or even casual bitcoiner should take this course at the very least.

The course walks you through blockchain philosophy, basic functions, hashing, wallets, mining, scaling, security, basic smart contracts, tokens, and predictions for the future.

If you are all in and want to go down this path in the future, dive in immediately and don’t look back.

Bitcoin Programming 101

bitcoin programming 101

This course starts to get a little nerdy, so if your tolerance for code and command lines is non-existent, you may tap out here.

I found it thoroughly enlightening so I would suggest ditching any reservations about “not getting it.”

Here you’ll learn about bitcoin infrastructure, stack languages, scripting, transactions and UTXO, Segwit, timelock, and multisig.

Again, I would recommend taking this course even if you don’t really understand code because I think you will still learn a tremendous amount and your understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes will increase dramatically.

It’s one of those situations where you are either going to carve out the time or you are not.

Skip going out with your buddies one weekend, commit to it and just grind it out.

Learning this type of information also helps you comprehend the technical jargon tossed about on various podcasts and discussion forums.

It makes your BS meter that much strong when dealing with ICOs and the level of effort and development that went into them.

Smart Contract Programming

smart contract programming

If you skipped over Blockchain Fundamentals and Bitcoin Programming 101 and you don’t have a background and code, this section will be out of your league.

Here you’ll dive into the difference between HTML and javascript, and how that comparison evolved into what is now Blockchain 2.0 such as Ethereum. You’ll learn about internet 3.0 and code executed on the blockchain as an evolution.

Many of the introductory videos examine Solidity and teach you the ins and outs.

This course also touches on dapps and even gives you a little bit on EOS and NEM.

It’s essential to complete this section to get stronger grasp on Ethereum and to understand why so many gaming projects will be publishing to this blockchain.

The great majority of crypto games are using standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155.

Once you understand how these functions are executed, it enhances your understanding of blockchain games in general and will give you a reason to be excited about gaming and the future.

If you are stuck in lockdown during the virus outbreak, it’s the PERFECT time to learn.

Stop watching TV and instead start learning skills.

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Ethereum Game Programming

ethereum game programming

This course was a delight and the cherry on top of what is an excellent progression through blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts and eventually gaming.

Castle Crypto was founded on the premise that great games are out there or will be out there, and it’s our job to find them and help spread the word.

This course starts with Ivan creating a simple platformer similar to Mario Bros. As a long time gamer, I was amazed at how little code is involved to create a reasonably good looking game.

creating a video game

As a non-coder, finding out that you can simply reference physics libraries to do a lot of the heavy lifting was eye-opening.

For the seasoned vets out there this is probably old hat, but either way you leave knowing exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Even a simple game then evolves into a blockchain game with crypto power-ups, as javascript communicates with the Ethereum blockchain to check a users wallet for special items.

It’s a fantastic way to learn and you walk away feeling like you really know how this stuff works.

Improvements Needed?

It’s hard to find anything negative about the course especially given the value at $1 or even $49.

One suggestion would be to setup the course in more of a roadmap format. If people start on a more advanced course without knowing, it could cause them to give up or get discouraged.

If you are straight up looking for a development course, this is probably not for you, as although they cover the topics, they don’t hand-hold and go in-depth on every possible function, how to use it, and uber basics of code.

They do touch on HTML and javascript but in my opinion if you want to learn those, you should hop into something like Codecademy.

This academy kind of assumes you have been dabbling for awhile.

If you want to learn what code is and how it works, then you are in the right place.

Recommendation – BUY!

The fact that I got cutting edge knowledge like this for $1 really shows that modern college education is an absolute scam creating debt slaves by the thousands.

Renewing for $49 is a no-brainer considering even that is so unbelievably cheap for the amount of course content there is for you to consume. I have not taken any other blockchain courses online but Ivan on Tech Academy has to rank up there with the best available.

Again, even flying through the course on 2X watch speed turbo mode, it took me almost a full month to cover most of the ground, with some courses completely untouched.

Welcome to internet 3.0.

College is a scam.

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Why You Should Learn Blockchain RIGHT NOW:

Why People Get Rekt in Crypto!

Full List of Courses

crypto basics
blockchain and bitcoin 101
bitcoin programming 101
bitcoin attacks
ethereum 101
ethereum smart contract programming 101
ethereum smart contract programming 201
ethereum smart contract security
ethereum game programming
lightning network and lightning app programming
javascript programming for blockchain
defi 101
defi 201
eos programming 101
eos programming 201
unity blockchain game development 101
enjin blockchain game development
algorithmic trading and technical analysis
bitcoin standard course - history of money
blockchain business masterclass
cryptography and privacy coins
the essential blockchain search guide
study guide
student webinars q&a


Sebastian Van Der Lans – Founder of Wordproof

Carlos Acevedo – Director of Sales – Brave Software

Juliana Passos – Blockchain Developer

40% Off for a Limit Time!

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