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Swyysh Fantasy League is live!

This post was originally published on swysh

We are excited to launch the Swyysh Fantasy League in internal alpha today! Let your Top Shot Moments take center-stage.

It’s Season kick-off on 11 January. Anyone who registered on swyysh.com should have received an email by now*. Click on the button in the email and submit your showcase by Sunday (10 Jan) 6pm ET to enter. As part of this internal alpha, we will reach out for feedback via email in the coming days. This is the first week of running it. If you have missed it, no worries. You can enter the League in the next week.

Use the League to field your favorite team and player but also to discover some future All-NBA Team Players, MVPs, Best Defensive & Most Improved Players as well as Rookies of the Year.

The Swyysh Fantasy League is free to enter and there’ll be weekly and monthly prizes. What are you waiting for?! There are no excuses to stay on the sidelines!

*might have to check the Spam folder


  • Weekly Leagues that run for the entire season
  • Intense game action: You have to follow the NBA closely
  • Lots of community interaction in the NBA Top Shot Discord

Swyysh is in alpha and there might be hiccups and glitches. We have put in a maximum amount of testing and now it’s time to for you to explore.

Swyysh works on the basis of blockchain metadata: The platform pulls your username from the showcase. To review and submit your showcase, just paste the showcase-link into the designated box on the website.

There is no submit button: The showcase-link that is pasted into the website by Sunday 6pm ET will become the active line-up. It’s stored in our back-end. You can change your line-up as many times as you want at any time before the cut-off time. The most recent showcase link you paste overwrites any previously pasted links.

How do we ensure fair play: The showcase name needs to include “Swyysh”. And there’s only one submission per Top Shot account. So if you have one showcase in your collection with “Swyysh” in the title, there is no room for errors or malicious actions. Remember that our back-end retrieves your username and showcase title from the showcase link. If that all sounds a bit complicated, never mind: Just try it out!

We utilise browser cookies to store your Dapper username. However, if your privacy settings don’t allow cookies, no problem: You can always retrieve your current line-up, leaderboards and stats by pasting the showcase-link on the landing page.

The leaderboard can be accessed by anyone at any time to see the scores. We pull NBA data through an API and thus should have updates available shortly after the game is over.

Your line-up stats will be visible under the stats tab.In case your browser blocks cookies, just paste the showcase-link into the box on the landing page.

Swyysh Fantasy Leagues runs every week from Monday until Sunday and follows the NBA game schedule. Submissions are due by Sunday 6pm ET. Participants submit a line-up of 5 Moments that will collect points for specific Plays.The line-up can be replaced each week.

The game mechanism is different from existing Fantasy Leagues: Your Moments represent one Player and one Play. Only specific Plays count towards your score, but not the overall on-court performance.

The good thing is that these rules are new to everyone which levels the playing field: Anyone can become the champ, regardless of the level of Fantasy experience. Seasoned DraftKing-Players have to rethink their line-up the same way a novice has to.

You can read all about the rules in this previous blog post.

Some showcases might generate identical weekly scores. If this happens, we will look at the Defensive Moment’s number of team wins in this week. The highest score breaks the tie. If a tie cannot be resolved, we roll the dice.

There will be prizes for the Top 3 finishers each week, plus two randomly chosen prize winners (regardless of placement). Prizes will be Packs, Moments or Top Shot credits. There’s a ton of things we are working on regarding prizes (eg quantity, distribution). So bear with us and watch out for announcements.

Also, this is blockchain: We will mint and award badges as NFTs! We want the whole Top Shot community to participate each week. Thus, there will be badges for line-up submissions, Top 10 placements and Winners. We will uses these badges to reward engagement. Just make sure you submit your showcase each week.

We run the internal alpha for the next two weeks to collect feedback. Submit your showcase by Sunday 6pm ET.

Join the discussion on the #topshot-fantasy channel on Discord and follow us on Twitter.

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