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My vision of the EOS foundation

This post was originally published on Hackernoon

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@alfredodecandiaAlfredo de Candia

Author of “Mastering EOS” & “Mastering DeFi” blockchain specialist, android developer

Even if I am nobody and I have not done anything important, I also have my little ideas and I would like to share them with all of you, wherever you are, born from the small mind of an Italian who follows the crypto landscape and especially the EOS blockchain.

Among you there will be some readers who do not know the EOS blockchain or the bubble as a “shitcoin”, a very limited vision of this project, because not only is it able to process a daily volume of transactions higher than all the blockchains you know, it also has a practical and easy to remember account system that acts as a container for any type of file or information, so its potential is endless.

Leaving aside the technical aspect of this blockchain, in this text I want to provide my contribution to an EOS foundation that could be born in the future, since for the moment this project does not have something or a “decentralized” structure dedicated exclusively to this blockchain, and relying exclusively on the creators of the project, Block.one, would be pretentious and would lead detractors to claim that it is a centralized blockchain.

So the only possible way to grow and develop this blockchain in an organic way is to create a figure that pushes in one direction, that is simply to integrate and make this blockchain known to the masses.

Let’s not forget that even the best of projects becomes impractical if in the end no one or a few use it, and from personal experience, in Italy, very few people know the EOS blockchain, and for those who have heard of it. , they call it a shitcoin.

But how to create an EOS foundation that is interesting for everyone?

In fact, it is not enough to create a structure with a simple name and hope that it can be maintained only with good words, but you need facts and be able to support yourself independently and that can actively work to promote this project and support those who are they dedicate to the same.

A fundamental aspect that the foundation should keep in mind is to have sufficient funds to promote and finance various initiatives:

Promote and create Hackathon

Support developers and projects related to EOS (both economically and technically)

Promote and carry out seminars and workshops related to this blockchain (creating handouts and videos and insights on certain topics)

Encourage users to be active in the foundation

Regarding the recovery of funds, there are several models that can be implemented:

– model based on an annual fee for those who want to participate in the management of the foundation and therefore take part in the decisions

– becoming a BP of the EOS blockchain and investing part of the EOS awards within the foundation

– inserting a percentage on the proceeds from the winners of the Hackathons

Considering that the related blockchain EOS has users all over the world, I believe it is correct that the foundation is led by at least one exponent linked to a different country selected in this way:

– end users who use the EOS blockchain often use Telegram or Twitter and in every country we find geolocated chats, and it will be the task of these chats to provide a suitable candidate chosen by the relative community

Candidates will be selected in a vote of equal duration and at least 7 days, allowing everyone to vote, and the candidates will be able to be chosen and proposed (the chosen candidate can always refuse the candidacy), but it will also be possible to self-apply, and they will last in charge 1 year and at the end of the mandate can reappear and if it will be voted with the majority of active users in each chat.

Once each country has chosen its candidate, they will be part of the international committee of the EOS foundation and they will have to choose a super-candidate per continent (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania), and therefore all candidates from a given continent will be able to nominate a person from their continent who they deem suitable and who will make and execute the decisions that will be approved and promoted by the committee, in agreement with the other super-candidates.

Furthermore, at the same time as voting for the super-candidate, all candidates must choose a president for the foundation, chosen or proposed from among all the candidates participating in the international committee.

The super-candidates will remain in charge for 1 year, and their work will be evaluated every 6 months and if deemed unsuitable or conducting reprehensible practices, they will be suspended and excluded from being a candidate, and in that case, within 1 week, the candidates from that continent will have to select a new super-candidate, the same goes for the president.

The EOS foundation will have to carry out a Hackathon once a year on a different topic or problem each time, decided 6 months earlier by the international committee.

Each month the foundation will have to actively promote and create seminars and workshops about the EOS blockchain, in each country, involving local communities and it will be the task of the candidates of the international committee, to organize it in the most convenient forms and methods, but always free of charge with any reimbursements paid by the foundation.

The foundation promotes and uses the EOS crypto for all its initiatives or reimbursements, therefore all those who interact with the foundation must accept EOS and the latter will be able to convert it into other assets or fiat if they deem it suitable.

To incentivize users in each country, the foundation will create dedicated NFTs for each successful operation, and therefore all those who participate in the voting of their candidate will receive a participatory NFT token (distributed by the managers of the community of the reference country) , even the candidates of the committee will receive a limited NFT token and finally both the president and the super-candidates will receive a personalized NFT token.

All active projects and the various dApps that would like to receive support from the EOS foundation, must demonstrate that they have an average active user of at least 1000 active users, or a volume of EOS equal to or greater than 10 thousand EOS, and must provide a percentage of the proceeds from the dApp.

Regarding projects or products not yet released, the percentage is double that applied for dApps already released and with the previous parameters.

All the proceeds that the foundation will obtain from the various initiatives and not, will be divided as follows:

– 25% to promote and create Hackathon

– 25% support developers and projects related to EOS

– 25% Promote and carry out seminars and workshops related to this blockchain

– 25% Incentive users to be active in the foundation

The EOS blockchain is based on EOSio software, and the same is shared with other sister chains, and in that case the foundation does not prohibit any initiative linked to other sister chains, but in that case there will be no available funds and refunds for any seminars. , workshop or Hackathon.

These are just a few ideas, some good others bad, but they are nonetheless a basis from which to start a constructive discussion and which will lead to a creation of the EOS foundation with solid foundations and a bright future for the community.

Now, come to my world.


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