Private Alpha Battle Royale

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We’re preparing for the public roll out!

We are less than 2 weeks away from the hotly anticipated public release of Neon District with Neon Pizza Mode on Jan 19th. In the meantime, current founder key holders can continue to play practice and private pvp matches. As a special gift to all keyholders, from now until the release of Neon Pizza on Jan 19th, any keyholder who plays at least 5 private pvp matches (regardless of if you win or lose) will earn a gem in the key linked to the wallet in their Neon District account.

What is a Gem?

Besides just giving Founders early access to every major release we produce, each Founder Key is equipped with 6 gem slots. Founders will have the opportunity to collect rare gems that unlock special in-game features. Each gem adds special effects to your gameplay experience with future gems unlocking additional experiences. If this is your first gem you are earning, it will be white, and will be green if your second and blue if your third.

How to play a pvp match

If you are new to playing Neon District, check out our previous guide on how to make a team, how the battle system works, and play a practice match. Once you are ready to play against other players, navigate to Private Match under the Battle menu at the top. Select your team and create a match request. With this private link, you can share it with your friends to play or post it in our #private-matches channel on discord to find an opponent.

Battle Royale Event

For players looking to earn a gem for their key, we will be hosting a few matchmaking events over the next two weeks to help players find opponents. During these periods of time, everyone who is looking for matches will meet in the #private_matches channel on discord where not only will members of the Blockade team be around to play (you may even be able to take on the boss herself, coin_artist), but other members of the community will be looking to play too. In addition to earning your gem, there will also be an opportunity to win some NEON, useful for buying characters, juice or gear. Every player who completes a pvp match during the specified times will gain an entry for a chance to win one of 5 prizes for 1000 NEON each. A total of 5,000 NEON will be given away during each of the three events. Participating in all 3 events will give you three chances to win. We look forward to seeing you in battle!

coin_artist will be attempting to stream this event tomorrow, Friday January 8th. We’ll see how it goes, as her streamer debut! ;-P

List of Times

Friday-January 8, 2021: 5–7pm EST

Wednesday-January 13, 2021: 5–7 EST

Sunday-January 19, 2021: 1–3 EST

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