Making money in the Metaverse

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For most of us, one of the biggest attractions of the Metaverse is the opportunity to own scare digital land in virtual worlds. Thus giving you full discretion to decide the direction and development of the land

There are potentially numerous ways that individuals can profit from this new type of property. Just like more traditional real estate these revenue streams include trading, renting, and developing. Below I will summarize how each of these tactics could be used to generate an income from owning land within a Metaverse

Trading: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money from virtual land right now is trading it, simply buying for less than you sell it for. However, trading often requires a large initial investment, a sometimes tedious wait, and most importantly a good eye for bargains. A very good resource for learning to trade digital land is DCL Blogger

Development: If you have the necessary skills or a budget to pay others to do the work for you. You can develop your land into experiences and locations for other citizens of the Metaverse. You can either then sell the developed land or implement an income stream into the idea and collect a regular paycheck. There are already many examples of this including casinos, galleries, games, ad space, and much more

For Development services, MetaZone offers a broad range of easy to deploy pre-built models in Decentraland. And Voxel Architects have you covered for great building services within Cryptovoxels

Rental/Hire: Although presently there is not much demand for it if the Metaverse of choice becomes extremely popular and land prices rise significantly it is thought the land rental and leasing will become a big part of the ecosystem. This will likely include both long and short term as well as one-off rentals for venues hosting events

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