How to buy Virtual Land & other NFTs

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Once you have done all your research and are ready to purchase the asset, there are just a few prerequisites that must be in place first. Thanks to marketplaces such as OpenSea the process is actually much smoother than it may seem

First you need to create a compatible wallet, as mentioned above we high recommend MetaMask, once you have completed this task, and noted down your ‘Seed phrase’, at least twice. You need to add the required funds to the wallet, nine times out of ten this will be Ethereum (ETH) or another Ethereum based cryptocurrency, such as (MANA) in the case of Decentraland. This step involves converting ‘traditional money’ into crypto by using a service such as Coinbase. You then send the crypto to your Metamask wallet. You can also convert fiat into crypto directly through Metamask but should compare fees first and decide for yourself which is best

Now you have the required funds, the rest is really simple. Just login in to the Marketplace (OpenSea) using your MetaMask wallet, no need to create an account. When you have found a particular NFT you want to purchase, you simply click buy or make an offer and the rest of the process is fully automated, OpenSea will deposit the funds into the sellers wallet and the NFT directly into yours. You will now be able to manage your asset directly from inside the wallet or marketplace

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