The Sandbox is available in Messari Registry

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We are excited to announce that The Sandbox has joined the prestigious Blockchain and data analytics platform registry firm Messari Registry, in order to provide more transparency to the enthusiastic community of the decentralized gaming ecosystem.

With this new alliance, the team behind The Sandbox is committed to delivering relevant project information and updating it periodically so that all Messari investors and users obtain reliable information about the virtual world based on Blockchain.

To access this information, The Sandbox will have its own profile in Messari, which can be accessed by all interested parties through the following link Messari asset profile.

The Sandbox platform profile includes everything about the history, roadmap, team, token, launch, technology, security, and governance of the decentralized virtual world.

In addition, users will be able to consult the exchanges available to acquire their native token, as well as to obtain real-time metrics of the price of $ SAND, last trade, the real volume in 24H, supply, all-time high, and cycle low, among others.

About Messari

Messari is a highly prestigious cryptocurrency analysis firm and Blockchain platform within the industry, which brings transparency to the crypto economy.

With an exceptional team of industry experts and creative problem solvers, the firm helps investors, regulators and the general public better understand the ecosystem by providing real-time data tools that help drive smarter decision-making.

They provide a common standard for crypto investors and other professionals to communicate their ideas, as well as help users, make more informed decisions by being aware of exactly how a derived metric is calculated and avoiding potential data errors.

The methodology used by the crypto asset analysis firm is made up of two main sections, a list of more than 100 quantitative metrics and a list of more than 15 qualitative rankings.

We are sure that with this new alliance, investors, enthusiasts, and lovers of games with Blockchain technology, as well as crypto assets in general, will be able to find in Messari the most complete and updated information about The Sandbox, which will generate peace of mind and confidence when making decisions about the native asset of the platform.

More Information

The Sandbox is a Blockchain-based virtual world that allows players to build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using non-fungible (NFT) tokens and the platform’s utility token, $SAND.

You can get more information about the game on its website:

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